Take Your Cooking To The Next Level With These Kitchen Hacks From Top Chefs

Here at Ohmymag, we love anything that makes our lives in the kitchen easier. Now, you can take your cooking skills to the next level thanks to these clever hacks that come straight from top chefs. Take a look at our photo gallery to start optimising your time today!

1. Ginger: Grate your ginger instead of chopping it up - it will save you loads of time!

2. Heated and chilled plates: Serve hot dishes on heated plates and cold dishes on chilled plates. This will preserve and enhance the flavours.

3. Wire whisk: When a recipe calls for you to ‘fold’ ingredients together, a wire whisk is the best tool to use.

4. Preserve tomatoes: Save out-of-season tomatoes by roasting them.

5. Mashed potatoes: Add boiling milk to your mashed potatoes - the milk should never cold.

6. Preserve vegetables: Make your vegetables last longer by wrapping them in foil.

7. Dumpling dough: Instead of making dumpling dough, flatten white sandwich bread with a rolling pin and use as you would dough!

8. Knife grips: Fasten several rubber bands along your knife’s handle to prevent it from slipping while you chop.

9. Fresh onions: Keep chopped onion fresh by putting it on a plate sprinkled with salt.

10. Chopsticks: Use chopsticks when turning things in the pan for better control.

11. Vinegar: Wash dishes with water and vinegar to get rid of lingering fish or onion smells.

12. Preserve bread: Put a piece of apple in your breadbin to make your bread stay fresher for longer.

13. Cooked vegetables: Check if your vegetables are done using a metal cake tester. Once it goes through easily they’re done.

14. Mayonnaise substitute: Make a quick mayonnaise substitute by mixing sour cream with a hard-boiled egg yolk and a spoonful of mustard.

15. Preserve avocados: Sprinkle leftover avocado with apple cider vinegar and store with chopped onions to prevent browning.

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