People are just finding out the purpose of this mysterious button on car seatbelt

Next time you're in a car and put your seatbelt in place, this is why you don't lose time looking for the buckle.

reason mysterious button on car seatbelt
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reason mysterious button on car seatbelt

There seems to be no end to the lesser-known features and hacks for everyday objects. Notable surprises include a hidden compartment in toasters, the actual use for plastic pull tab on oil bottles, and this mind-blowing setting on salt grinders.

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Now, there's a new finding that can join this list. This one is about your car seatbelt.

The button on your seatbelt

Maybe you have not even noticed at all, but if you take a look at a car seatbelt, there is a tiny button a couple of inches away from the buckle. Have you wondered the point of it?

Well, a TikToker @epicfacts just shared the tidy reason why. He captioned his video saying,

What The Secret Button On Your Seatbelts Does

Even though the tiny button seems like an insignificant details, it actually serves an important purpose.

Turns out, this tiny button is the reason we don't have to waste time finding our seatbelt buckle! Daniil Dubov

The button on the seatbelt is there in order to ensure that your seatbelt buckle stays in place. As the TikToker explains,

The little button on your seatbelt is to stop the buckle from going past it.
So it will always be in the right spot when you go to buckle it up.

Reactions to the purpose of the seatbelt button

Some people were blown away by the seatbelt button fact. A comment states,

Wow that seatbelt one blew my mind, I could have never thought of that

Another asks,

um secret button????

Still another comments,

i can't believe this

However, many people in the comment section also iterated that the mystery of the button is not so mysterious after all. One viewer states,

Everybody knew about the seatbelt one

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