People are just finding out how sliced ham is really made: 'I can’t eat anything anymore!'

While most people think ham comes from whole cuts of meat, actually it could also be mechanically formed, and the images of what that looks like, aren't pretty.

People are just finding out how sliced ham is really made: 'I can’t eat anything anymore!'
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People are just finding out how sliced ham is really made: 'I can’t eat anything anymore!'

Lunch meats such as bacon, ham etc. are a quick fix for a delicious meal or snack. However, there can be risks associated with consuming such nitrite-cured meats according to scientists. Some people might also find the process associated with manufacturing deli meats such as ham not to be the most appetising.

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Recently, people have been really shocked to see the behind-the-scenes images from a sliced ham factory. Turns out most of us can't really wrap our heads around what food manufacturing processes entail, especially when it comes to foods such as SPAM or crab sticks, and now, ham!

Here's how sliced ham is actually made, and what people have to say about it.

The processes involved with preparing ham

Ham refers to preserved pork meat from the leg of a pig. The preservation method could involve wet or dry curing. While most people might think ham comes directly from whole cuts of meat, actually there could also be a whole array of factory processes involved in ham production, including mechanically forming the ham.

Recently TikTok account @thatafricanchick2 shared images from one such ham processing plant.

The video shows a factory with workers in full hazmat-style suits, covered from head to toe dealing with a giant vat of what looks like, pink goo.


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The pink coloured stuff, which definitely does not resemble anything natural, is then pumped out to steel containers, which are then cooked. Once these are done, the finished ham is taken out of the mould, and sliced.

The video has been viewed by thousands of foodies, and the result is that while some people are taking it as a learning moment, others are too horrified to even conceive of continuing their ham-eating ways.

Indeed, even health-care professionals advice people to practice caution when consuming such meats. As per Health, International Agency for Cancer Research (IACR) classifies meats such as ham as carcinogenic, which means that evidence indicates they could cause colorectal cancer.

Some scientific studies have also found that eating processed red meat like ham can increase the risk of having heart disease, and also affect life expectancy.

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Reactions of people to the video

Some viewers found humour in the situation, making fun of the striking pink colour of the ham mixture saying,

Me thinking this was the smoothest strawberry ice cream

Others expressed they are rethinking eating most things, ever again. One such comment stated,

At this point, I can’t eat anything anymore!

Some viewers highlighted how the video demonstrated why 'processed meats,' are called so.

Yep!!! And there folks, is what you call process meat..

People also shared how the processing is why they do not eat lunch meats any more. One such commenter stated,

This why I stop eating any type of lunch meat years ago

Others brought attention to how consumers aren't aware of what chemicals might be in the mix, saying,

What in the hell type chemicals are they using to be suited up like that!

Along with health concerns, research also suggests that the red meats are one of the most environmentally damaging food. Needless to say, people are finding a lot of reasons to reduce their consumption of deli meats. This new video is being received by many as another argument against consuming processed meats.

What do you think about the video? Were you aware that lunch meats involve this kind of processes?

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