Eating homemade mayonnaise past this date can be dangerous for your health

There's nothing like a good homemade mayonnaise! But you need to know how to properly store it. We’ll explain how to keep it from turning too quickly.

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How long can you keep homemade mayonnaise? decided to impress your guests by making everything yourself, from the appetisers to the sauces. So you set out to make a super-smooth homemade mayonnaise to serve to your guests. Problem: after they've left, you still have some to spare. Don't panic, you can store it and enjoy it again later. But for how long will it last? And above all, how can you prevent it from spoiling too quickly? We've put together a little guide for you.

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For how long can you keep homemade mayonnaise?

Once you have made your homemade mayonnaise, it is ready to be enjoyed. If you want to store it, you should know that unfortunately, it doesn't keep for very long, unlike industrial mayonnaise which can stay in the fridge for several weeks.

Before placing your mixture in the refrigerator, remember to put it in an airtight container, preferably glass. The temperature should be 4°C. If these two parameters are correctly met, you can then keep it for... 24 hours.

Some people say that with the right combination of ingredients (extra-fresh eggs and the right oil) it can be eaten for up to 15 days after being made. However, health safety professionals advise against going beyond one day, after which the product will not have the same consistency or taste. And if you're still feeling adventurous, the rancid smell that accompanies the degradation should be enough to dissuade you from eating it.

How to keep your mayonnaise longer?

There is, however, a handy trick for extending the life of mayonnaise. To do this, simply add a spoonful of vinegar or lemon to your mixture before letting it set at room temperature and then chilling it. Both are known to prevent or at least slow down oxidation, so you can keep your homemade mayonnaise in the fridge for an extra 24 hours, or 48 hours total.

Another tip: this will also kill any bacteria that could potentially creep into your mixture. Note that mayonnaise should only be kept in the refrigerator. It is generally not recommended to store it in the freezer to try to extend its life. This type of condiment, especially when homemade, does not tolerate cold temperatures, which will alter its consistency and increase the risk of bacterial proliferation.

Watch the video above to find out how long you should be keeping your leftovers in the fridge.

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