Avocado, quinoa: These foods will put you in a good mood

What if our plates controlled our moods? This is what numerous scientific studies have confirmed.

Woman eating looking happy
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Woman eating looking happy

Are you feeling upset today? Well, it may be because of what you've been eating, according to two nutrition researchers.

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Food influences our moods

Food plays a central role in our health. A good diet combined with a healthy lifestyle will, in principle, keep you in great shape, but not only that. Because the food we eat may also influence our mood.

This is the thesis of nutrition researchers Bonnie Kaplan and Julia Rucklidge, who have published a book on the subject: The Better Brain. According to the authors, the quality of our diet also has a direct impact on brain health. Many people suffer from a phenomenon called 'brain hunger.' This would not be without consequences on the regulation of our emotions.

The fault of ultra-processed products?

Our (very) high consumption of ultra-processed products does not allow us to have a sufficient intake of micronutrients. These are minerals and vitamins that are essential for the proper functioning of our body... and our brain. This is why they have a direct impact on our mood. The researchers explain:

Our brain needs at least 30 micronutrients to ensure the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, as well as to break down and eliminate metabolic by-products.
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Pulses, fatty acids, fruits and vegetables

Nearly 15 scientific studies conducted in various countries around the world have already made this observation. People who eat healthily suffer statistically less from depression and anxiety than those whose diet consists mainly of ultra-processed products. So what do you need to eat to be on top of your game mentally?

Switching to a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, legumes and unsaturated fats even lead to a palpable improvement in mood, and this within just 12 weeks. And between us, what could be better than a natural 'treatment?'

So we don't skimp on fruit anymore, it's one of the few foods that can be abused without harm. And since we're not short on nutritional advice, here are 10 that promote good brain health thanks to their intake:

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