How drinking coffee can increase your sexual performance

Here's why drinking coffee could improve your daily sexual performance.

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Who knew it was so easy to improve sexual performance? All it takes is a good cup of coffee. And what's more, it's science that says so. But be careful, you don't have to drink litres and litres of coffee. A reasonable amount is enough to boost your sex life.

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And while we're on the subject of warnings, remember that when you drink a cup of coffee, it takes between 15 minutes and 2 hours before the caffeine really starts to take effect. Don't expect an improvement in your performance in a second, it's not a magic potion!

A better libido thanks to coffee

A study from the University of Austin, Texas, explains the benefits of coffee. Coffee is said to have an effect on women's libido. And these consequences are positive. The scientists studied the level of arousal of people who volunteered to participate in the experiment.

And the result is edifying: as coffee increases the heart rate and blood pressure, it also increases the excitement of the private parts. Feel like tonight is the night? Have a cup of coffee one or two hours beforehand. The result should be guaranteed.

Coffee for the erection

It's not just women who benefit from coffee. It also affects men. Again in Texas, but this time at the University of Houston, scientists have managed to prove the benefits of coffee on erectile dysfunction.

According to their findings, coffee improves blood circulation and increases testosterone. The result: two to three cups of coffee a day would reduce erectile problems in men. So on a date, why not go for a coffee instead of a drink?

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