This sex position can soothe your soul with pleasure

Just sex alone is great already, but what if we told you that some positions work best at relieving stress? Yes, it’s true!

Try this sex position if you're stressed!
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Try this sex position if you're stressed!

Let’s face it, life is stressful! Between work, social, and family pressures, we all need a release. Plus, have you seen the news lately? We all have plenty to stress over. However, it’s not all doom and gloom over here. There’s a bonafide, scientific way that we can get over all of that: some good sex, of course! It’s a great way to relieve stress by triggering a flood of those feel-good endorphins.

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Obviously, full stress relief is a difficult thing to achieve that involves a variety of personal and outside factors coming together to be solved. However, there are ways that you can maximise your sexy time to the fullest to help melt it all away. Here is our favourite stress-destroying position and some ways to make a romantic scene even more relaxing.

Soothing Spooning

Who doesn’t love a good cuddle? It’s one of the most relaxing and naturally stress-relieving activities we can do as humans. Being all snuggled up and safe with your partner is already known to release feel-good hormones. That can only be upgraded when you realise that one of the most popular and classic cuddle positions, spooning, can also be shifted into an intensely intimate and deeply relaxing sex position as well.

First things first, before getting into it, there are some things that you can do to set the scene and make it as tranquil as possible. Light a scented candle and play some soft music to get the mood even more dreamy and peaceful. Really take your time with foreplay and enjoy all the shapes, curves, and feelings of each other’s bodies. Don’t rush anything, linger and be sensual. After all, for maximum stress relief, you need to hit all the points!

How to do it:

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Lay down together, facing the same direction. The penetrated partner will lift their top leg a bit to make it so their partner can enter from behind. With this position, go for slow, deep strokes. Feel the thoughts making you anxious slowly melt away with each thrust. For vaginal sex, this position is also perfect for getting a hand around for a good feel and extra clitoral stimulation. We want a hard orgasm for maximum stress relief! The extra skin contact and closeness make this even more satisfyingly serene and sensual. After the act is finished, you are already in an elite cuddling position.

Now you know how to have a cuddly, comforting, and most importantly, extra stress-relieving sex. Hope you take some time to relax and enjoy! Life can be stressful, you deserve it.

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