Sex: Here are some tips on how to clean up after a steamy session

No one ever tells you how to cleanup after sex, but we will!

How to clean up after sex
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How to clean up after sex

You ever do the nasty and then notice that plenty of things are, well… nasty? That’s normal! Sex is a beautiful cocktail of fluids, and inevitably, some of it is left behind on both yourself and other objects afterwards.

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It can be kind of a daunting task to clean things up, and no one ever really tells you how to do it right. So, let us do what no one else has and give you some tips:

Washing and Wiping Yourself

You may be tempted after a particularly steamy sesh to go immediately clean yourself, but there is no rush! It’s not necessary to shower right after, but it can help to give your genitals a wash (after a nice cuddle) to get any lingering fluids off.

For penis owners, wiping with a washcloth with some warm water is more than enough, especially under the foreskin for those who still have it intact.

For people with vaginas, a quick rinse of the vulva is all that's necessary.Do not douche or clean out the vagina with any soaps or products. It’s unnecessary as the vagina cleans itself, and these products can mess up the natural balance.

To Pee or Not to Pee?

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While it’s still debated, peeing after sex is a pretty good hygienic practice to uphold. Especially with vaginas, there can be bacteria that are pushed up the urinary tract during sex that can be expelled out with a good bladder emptying. While it is not always as easy for penis owners to get UTIs, it is still possible and so this is a great habit for them too!

Clean Your Stuff!

Sex doesn’t just involve our bodies! Use good judgement when it comes to your sheets and other surfaces that can bear the aftermarks when things get sloppy. A mattress protector can go a long way in ensuring your bed stays clean, as well. If you had a spontaneous session on the floor, kitchen counter, or wherever, then a good cleaning with an antibacterial soap is all you need.

For any sex toys used, they usually have instructions on how to clean them, and it is vital you clean them after use. If you’re planning to share them with more partners, using a condom to prevent the spread or swap of bacteria is also key.

Now you have a better idea of how to stay clean while being a bit nasty. Remember that you don’t have to rush into cleaning after some good lovemaking. Enjoy that cuddle and connect with your partner, just keep in mind to still keep it clean later!

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