Most people have sex this many times a month, according to study

Do you make love as often or less often than the majority of people in the world? Here's the answer.

sex times month study
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sex times month study

In 2015, the Ipsos institute wanted to know how often British and American young people had sex. While many people imagine young people to be very keen on the subject, the figures are surprising. Take a look.

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More or less than 14 times a month?

Most people think that a person has around 14 sexual encounters in a month. In fact, in the UK, we're down to 5 sexual encounters per month. Americans are a little less effective, at 4 monthly intercourses.

In reality, young people aged 18 to 29 have around fifty sexual encounters in the course of a year. But what's most surprising is the skewed interpretation men have of women's sexual relationships.

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How many partners in total

According to them, women (who are less accessible, and therefore more coveted) have 23 sexual encounters a month (based on responses from England and the USA). But men are a long way off. In fact, average sexual activity is five times a month.

The study also analyzed the number of relationships a person could have between the ages of 45 and 54. Gary Neuman, a renowned psychologist, conducted a study on 400 women, according to AuFéminin. In this study, he wanted to determine the number of relationships in a 'happy' couple and an 'unhappy' couple.

His study showed that 'happy' couples make love up to 11 times, while for 'unhappy' ones the drive isn't there, with 3 to 4 intercourses per month. But don't worry, according to his 2015 study, one of the techniques for having more sex and maintaining cohesion within the couple is to keep the flame alive.

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