This sex position is the most relaxing that you need to try

Want to participate in a sex position that doesn't include too much exertion? This sex position is so relaxing that you won't even break a sweat.

This sex position is one of the most relaxing
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This sex position is one of the most relaxing

Although sex can be very pleasurable, it can get boring after some time with the same positions. People who want to try new positions but are afraid of hurting themselves in the process can start with easy sex positions. This rare sex position is relaxing and is relatively harmless for beginners.

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The ‘Irish Garden’

To get out of the usual routine, it's good to change your habits a bit and try new things in bed. The ‘Irish Garden’ sex position can help you and your partner turn your intimate moments into real moments of happiness. The site Bad Girl Bible even mentions it as one of the best sex positions for a couple.

To do this, the person who is going to penetrate the other, positions themselves on their backs, bending their legs slightly forward and resting on their forearms, placed behind them. Their partner will then get on their stomach and lie on top of them, with the legs of the second person on the sides of the first.

Tips and limits

In this position, the movements of the penetrating person are relatively limited. Bad Girl Bible explained that this position is a way to ‘relax’ and make love gently. It is necessary to leave the rhythm of penetration to the person who is on the top.

They can hang on with the legs of the penetrating partner for more stability. Having said that, it is clear that this position can be one of the best positions for people who prefer less cardio during sex.

This article is translated from Gentside FR.

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