Discover your best sex position according to your zodiac sign

Classic, feisty or loving, which sexual position is best for you? We tell you everything you need to know using your zodiac sign!

best sex position according to zodiac sign
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best sex position according to zodiac sign

Everyone enjoys different things depending on your mood, where you are at in your sexuality and indeed, where you are geographically in relation to your partner. We've got some tips on how to keep your relationship interesting if you are doing long distance, but the following list is for that moment when you are with a sexual partner and you are deciding what will feel best.

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Have a look, and if you are in a relationship, check out your partner's zodiac preferences as well. You could surprise them by suggesting what they are really craving...


The butterfly. Dominant by nature, you make sure your partner is fully satisfied.


Thevoluptuous glider! The woman lies down perpendicular to the man, with her back to him. This position is ideal after spooning, for example. Next, the woman squeezes her partner's thighs with her legs as he penetrates.


The anvil, the missionary alternative that will break your bedtime routine.


TheTurtle position, for maximum pleasure with minimum effort! Because yes, you Cancers are lazy...


The lotus is a Kama Sutra position for maximum pleasure for two. How does it work? One person lies on their back and their partner sits on top. Then, you will wrap your legs around your partner's waist. You will then play with each other to help each other get up smoothly. It's a bit of an acrobatic exercise, so don't forget to breathe and above all, communicate!


The wheelbarrow. You need challenge and adventure. You like to please your partner, you can indulge in submission.


Do it in front of a mirror! You are focused on your appearance, you can see yourself in all your sweaty beauty in a mirror.


Superwoman, the effortless sex position for guaranteed pleasure. The principle is simple: one partner lies on his or her stomach with arms outstretched... like the heroine Superwoman when she flies. While the man stands behind, at the edge of the bed, and supports his or her legs as they penetrate.


The butter churner. You're on your back with your feet over your head so your partner can penetrate you deeply from above.


The liana. You feel in control, traditional and romantic. You can feel very protected in this position.


The incredible sexual position of the 42, which gives far more pleasure than the 69!


Doggy-style. This should be a moving exchange. You like the intense, animal-like nature of this position.

Hopefully you've got some fresh new ideas that will keep your moves in the bedroom original and fun. As we are getting into winter, you may be spending a bit more time in there... enjoy!

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