This is the type of girlfriend you are according to your zodiac sign

Have you always wanted to know if your astrological sign could have an impact on the girlfriend you are? Find out here!

What kind of girlfriend are you Zodiac
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What kind of girlfriend are you Zodiac

As a couple, you sometimes behave differently than your friends, family or colleagues. It could well be that your particular attitude towards your partner is influenced by your astrological sign. Find out below and in the gallery at the top of this article what the stars can tell you about the kind of girlfriend you are!

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Always caught up in your emotions and full of questions, Cancer you are the complicated girlfriend, because you don't understand how anyone can like you, and you're always pairing up with people in yourimage: bitter and pessimistic. However, one can appreciate how intensely you live your relationships.


You're the honest girlfriend. The one who doesn't hesitate to tell your lover the truth. But once you've found your Prince/ess Charming, your adoration for unconditional love shows up. Aries give everything to the person they love, even if it sometimes means losing themselves...


Gemini, you're the adventurous girlfiend! When it comes to love your friendly side means that you often start your relationships very platonically - in 'good buddies' mode. You lack a little self-confidence.


Libras, you lack self-confidence and constantly underestimate yourself. You also despise confrontation. However, your charm and wit appeal to everyone! Trust that you will find the right one!


You're the independent girlfriend.Aquarius people tend to be caring, loyal and loving, but as soon as your partner gets a little annoying, you don't hesitate to move on to the next one.


You're the sensitive girlfriend! Pisces have so much love and compassion that they tend to attract, for lack of a better term, losers! Be careful not to be too gullible. You deserve someone who recognizes your strengths and won't take advantage of you!


You're the queen of girlfriends, because you're a star and your magnetism makes people fall like flies. If someone loves you, they'd better do everything they can to prove it! This is all very Leo of you...


You're the girlfriend who does it all. Virgos tend to be mature, sensitive and kind-hearted. But your fear of being boring means you sometimes tend to sacrifice yourself for your partner.


You're the logical girlfriend who doesn't like taking risks with 'bad boys/girls/people'. You're the type to get attached to someone whom you've been friendzoning for months because it means they're easily accessible! Taurus, don't settle for logic!


You're the intense girlfriend. Your partners are convinced that you're the best in bed and you're very proud of it. Your exes, on the other hand, avoid you like the plague! Typical Scorpio...


You're the mature girlfriend who tends to make all the important decsions. Capricorns can be a bit snobbish and pessimistic at times, but once they've really found someone who's right for they, they're sailing on the calm waters of love.


You're the funny girlfriend - always ready for a laugh and to have fun. But Sagittarius people have got one annoying flaw: you're not realistic enough and tend to be fooled. So stop being friends with all your exes!

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