Here's how you act out when you're angry, according to your zodiac sign

Find out how each zodiac sign behaves when they're angry! You'll probably recognize yourself in some of these.

angry zodiac signs astrology personality
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angry zodiac signs astrology personality

Everyone has their own way of expressing anger! While some prefer to take it in their stride, others aren't afraid to explode at the slightest annoyance! Find out below how each zodiac sign can get angry at the worst of times.

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How do water signs behave when they're upset?

The sensitivity of water signs makes them very vulnerable to their own emotions, so much so that you wouldn't want to come face to face with one of them when they're upset:

  • Scorpio: their anger is so intense that they find it hard to calm down. It's even said that they forgive but never forget, so watch out!
  • Cancer: when angry, they become grumpy and touchy. They're also very sensitive, and can't help crying if you're on the outs with them. They also hold grudges, so be careful with their feelings!
  • Pisces: they have self-destructive tendencies when they're angry. Instead of sharing it, they'll let the conflict eat them up inside. So it's up to you to do what it takes to make things right.

How do fire signs behave when they're upset?

If fire signs crave attention and are easily jealous, they hate being told to keep it down. Here's how each of them reacts when annoyed:

  • Aries: when they're angry, they don't hold back. They explode without warning and catch you off guard. Fortunately, it's only a one-time thing. They're hot-headed but quickly come to their senses.
  • Leo: never make them angry! They can explode with anger at any moment, drawing all the attention to themselves. And don't expect them to apologize after an argument.
  • Sagittarius: they don't lose their temper easily, so if you manage to make them angry, you've really asked for it. They'll feel betrayed and know how to turn your mutual friends against you.

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How do earth signs behave when they're upset?

If they're very down-to-earth and thoughtful people, earth signs have no trouble letting their emotions consume them, here's how each of them reacts when they're angry:

  • Taurus: they know how to keep their anger inside until the last straw. If it comes to that, watch out! It takes a lot for them to get angry, but they take a long time to calm down.
  • Capricorn: they won't hesitate to lash out violently if they're angry with you. Then they'll forget about you, become very cold and cut you off. To top it all off, they hold grudges.
  • Virgo: these natives often feel like getting angry, but they can't help holding it in. When the pain becomes too much to bear, they explode, even if it's days later.

How do air signs behave when they're upset?

Air signs hate conflict and have a reputation for being very passionate! But what does it mean when they get carried away? Here's how each water sign reacts when they get worked up:

  • Gemini: They assassinate with words and stinging reflections. They remain very calm but know how to press where it hurts.
  • Libra: They hate confrontation and therefore express their anger passively. They don't want to cause drama and will prefer to make you suffer slowly with small everyday acts.
  • Aquarius: they dislike conflict and avoid it at all costs. If Aquarians are ever angry with you, they'll prefer to ignore you to avoid confrontation.

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