Pisces: The complete guide to understanding the character of this zodiac sign

Your birthday is between February 19th and March 20th? Then your astrological sign is Pisces. We explain what are the particularities of this sign of the zodiac.

Pisces: The complete guide to understanding the character of this zodiac sign
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Pisces: The complete guide to understanding the character of this zodiac sign

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. This water sign is the last sign of winter, just before spring. It is therefore a dual sign that has both a foot in the winter and spring season. Its element, as its name indicates, is water! It is ruled by the planet Neptune (and Jupiter just before the discovery of Neptune.)

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In the western horoscope, the wheel of the zodiac is divided into 12 signs of 30 degrees each: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Virgo and Libra. Each astrological sign is divided into three decans of 10 degrees each and finally, each degree is associated with a particular energy.

Thus, with the date of birth and the position of the stars, each sign has its own characteristics. Some signs will be particularly compatible with each other while others, on the contrary, will have difficulty understanding each other. This is what makes astrology so complex!

Here's everything you need to know about the star sign of Pisces, one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac.

The main characteristics of the Pisces sign

Pisces is one of the water signs along with Cancer and Scorpio. They are signs with sensitive and intuitive personalities who are very receptive to the emotions of others.

Pisces is a sign that loves to communicate and empathize. It is the most sensitive and mystical sign of the zodiac. They are compassionate, and open-minded and have an unconditional love for their loved ones. We tend to say that Pisces signs are real emotional sponges!

If we recognize a great sensitivity, we can reproach them for a lack of discernment. It is important to keep in mind that this is a mystical and mysterious sign, symbolizing everything that is hidden or secret. It can therefore be difficult to identify certain aspects of its personality. As a water sign, it can become intrusive and be very present (maybe too much).

Pisces people often have a strong appetite for spirituality. They do not hesitate to take the time to reconnect with themselves through meditation to feel good and more peaceful. They are dreamy personalities who generally have many artistic gifts.

Their colour is navy blue, their emblematic stone is amethyst and their favourite numbers are 5, 11 and 19.

Dates and decans of the Pisces sign

Pisces are born between February 19th and March 20th, right between Aquarius and Aries. This period is composed of three decans with the following dates:

  • First Decan of Pisces: February 19 to 29
  • Second Decan of Pisces: March 1-10
  • Third decan of Pisces: March 11-20

Pisces in the first decan, characterized by the planet Saturn, are often drawn to knowledge and science, sometimes mystical. Those in the second decan (Jupiter) often have remarkable creative qualities and overflowing imagination. Finally, Pisces born during the third decan (Mars) have a very strong energy and a need for activity, which needs to be channelled.

Depending on the time of birth, it is also possible to be a Pisces ascendant. To know your ascendant, many simulators allow you to give a complete astral chart according to the sky chart at the time of your birth. The ascendant of a sign helps to understand how others perceive us.

Signs with a Pisces ascendant are often endowed with great sensitivity. Emotions, great intuition and human qualities are often characteristics that can be found, whatever the main sign.

The most compatible signs with Pisces

Like all zodiac signs, some have affinities between them. In the case of Pisces, there are several.


Virgo is a complementary sign to Pisces. While the latter represents what is vague, mysterious and confused, the former brings the foresight and discernment that it cruelly lacks.


Scorpio and Pisces tend to appreciate each other and most importantly, understand each other. Scorpio appreciates the dedication and sensitivity of Pisces. Pisces finds in Scorpio a reliable person whom they can trust, provided they don't let themself be manipulated.

Signs less compatible with Pisces

While some signs make a great team with Pisces, not all do.


Aries is probably one of the most distant signs from Pisces. Although these signs could learn a lot from each other, Aries tends to listen to itself, while Pisces is more indecisive and may base its desires on those of others. Aries will value their own plans and defend their independence. Pisces on the other hand will need others and value their affection. Difficult to reconcile all this!


Relationships between Gemini and Pisces can be very complicated! Indeed, Geminis need dynamism and change their minds like socks. Pisces, on the other hand, tends to never know what they want. So it seems difficult to find a stability that suits both signs.

The qualities and faults of Pisces

As you have seen, the Pisces sign is complex but terribly endearing. Like all the other signs, it has great qualities but also, small defects. Here are some of them:

The qualities of Pisces:

  • Emphatic
  • Creative
  • Sensitive
  • Dedicated
  • Listening
  • Present
  • Intuitive

The faults of Pisces

  • Mysterious
  • Lack of discernment
  • Intrusive
  • Liar
  • Indecisive

Of course, each personality is unique and these personality traits can be attenuated or amplified depending on the ascendant.

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