These are the most sensitive zodiac signs

You may need to handle these zodiac signs’ emotions with kid gloves—or appreciate them for their gentleness.

These are the most sensitive zodiac signs
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These are the most sensitive zodiac signs

Accurately reading between the lines and perceiving the emotions in a room can be a rare gift. Being hyperaware of people’s emotions often gives deeper insight into what they’re really thinking, informing you of how you should approach them. This can be a blessing: you’ll realise you’ve said something upsetting when you see their mouth almost imperceptibly quirk into a frown. However, this can also be a curse, as that means you can be pretty touchy.

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These are the most sensitive zodiac signs:


Cancers have tidal waves of emotions going through them on the daily. That’s why they’re given tough, exterior shells to protect them, observes BestLife. Sometimes they put on an impenetrable front, but that’s only because they’re scared of being hurt. It doesn’t help that their planetary ruler, the emotional moon, pirouettes into a new sign every two or three days, which naturally makes them extra emotional, too. Hurting a Cancer will have them put their raw feelings on full display, which can be a distressing sight.

These are the most sensitive zodiac signs Tree of Life (2011) / River Road Entertainment, Plan B Entertainment


Pisceans are sensitive in a different way. They’re super-intuitive, so they can easily pick up on the emotions of others and act accordingly. This trait makes them one of the most empathetic signs, which is often a good thing. However, it can also be exhausting for them to feel everything all at once, quickly overwhelming them, says BestLife. For this reason, they often retreat into their imaginations or throw themselves into their passions to run away from everyone’s intensity.


Deeply emotional Scorpios often feel at odds with their turbulent emotions and accompanying sensitivity. They try to hide it through acerbic wit and sarcasm, creating a seemingly dense veil of mystery. Unfortunately, that also makes them pretty misunderstood,as they’re afraid of showing their real selves and how the world might respond to them. You’ll want to be careful of what you say to a Scorpio for this reason—their retorts can be particularly cutting!

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