This is how you deal with jealousy, according to your zodiac sign

Many people in life are jealous. But they're jealous to different degrees, and it can depend on your zodiac sign. Find out if you're one of the most excessive zodiac signs, and how it plays out.

zodiac signs astrology jealousy
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zodiac signs astrology jealousy

Aries put away your horns, and Leo retract your claws to read this article, and click on the video above. Find out how you behave when you're jealous, according to your zodiac sign!

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How jealous are you?

Jealousy in love is a feeling that more or less makes us jump up and down, it's a human behavior in itself that some people find hard to channel. Many people don't see any harm in it, and even say that it's a sign of attachment, a sign that your relationship is healthy and that you still want your partner.

Others won't accept it so well, believing it to be the result of a lack of trust or even paranoia on the part of their partner. It's all a question of dosage... While some quieter signs will be able to reason themselves out, others who are more impulsive will unleash the heavy artillery!

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The most jealous are...

In any case, if everything's going well with your other half and the relationship is on the up-and-up, it would be a shame to lose it all because of jealous behavior, especially since solutions exist for every situation!

So click on the video to find out what kind of jealousy you have according to your astrological sign! Whether you're Aries, Leo or Taurus, you'd better watch out, because we can see right through you.

You'd do well to be more measured in your reactions, so as not to provoke unnecessary conflict, and to take your cue from Virgo or Cancer, who don't question their whole relationship every time their partner compliments someone else, for example. Don't hesitate to share the video at the top of this article with your partner so that they finally understand how you feel about your relationship...

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Aries people are known for their passionate, impulsive nature. When they feel jealousy, they usually react explosively. Their pride can lead them to make hasty decisions, and their competitive behaviour can intensify. Jealous Aries need positive channels to release this energy, such as sports competition or the pursuit of new challenges.


Taureans are attached to stability and security. When they feel jealous, they can become excessively possessive. They want to protect what they consider to be theirs, whether it's a relationship, an object, or even an idea. Jealous Taureans can benefit from practicing self-confidence and learning to let go of things that are not under their control.


Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. When they feel jealous, they are likely to express their feelings verbally. Geminis can be lively and sarcastic, but they also have the ability to rationalize their emotions. The key for a jealous Gemini is to express themselves constructively rather than letting jealousy build up.


Cancers are deeply sensitive and attached to their family and home. When they feel jealousy, it can directly affect their sense of emotional security. Jealous Cancers may need time to reflect and understand the roots of their jealousy. Open communication with loved ones is essential to ease their concerns.


Leos are proud and confident. When they feel jealous, their ego may be affected. They may react by seeking to shine brighter or draw more attention to themselves. For jealous Leos, it's important to recognize that the success of others doesn't diminish their own, and to channel their energy into personal achievement rather than competition.


Virgos have a natural tendency to analyze and criticize. When they are jealous, this can manifest itself in excessive criticism, whether of others or of themselves. Jealous Virgos can benefit from practicing gratitude and focusing on their own achievements instead of constantly comparing.


Librans seek balance and harmony. When they feel jealous, they can find themselves caught in a state of indecision. Jealous Librans may find it difficult to choose between confrontation and peace. Compromising and seeking equitable solutions can help ease their jealousy.


Scorpios are passionate and intense in everything they do. When they're jealous, this intensity can turn into powerful and sometimes destructive emotions. Jealous Scorpios must learn to control this energy and channel it into positive activities, such as personal transformation.


Sagittarians value their independence. When they feel jealous, it may be linked to a sense of being restricted or constrained. Jealous Sagittarians can benefit from exploring new horizons and broadening their outlook to overcome feelings of confinement.


Capricorns are ambitious and goal-oriented. When they feel jealous, it may be linked to the perception of an obstacle in their path to success. Jealous Capricorns can use this energy to strengthen their determination to achieve their goals, rather than letting jealousy discourage them.


Aquarians are known for their eccentric and unconventional nature. When they're jealous, this can manifest itself in unpredictable and unusual behaviour. Jealous Aquarians may need to channel their creativity into constructive projects and find unique ways to overcome their jealousy.


Pisceans are empathetic and emotional. When they feel jealous, they can tend to escape into their inner world. Jealous Pisceans need to find healthy ways to process their emotions, whether through art, meditation or open communication with loved ones.

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