Here's what main character you are according to your zodiac sign

Unless there's something interesting on TV, we all head to our favorite streaming platforms to catch up on our series of the moment. What if your star sign matched your favorite character?

Here's what main character you are according to your zodiac sign
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Here's what main character you are according to your zodiac sign

Buffy, Emily, Blair, Daenerys, Clem, Meredith and Carrie are our favorite ladies from cult series such as Sex and the City, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl and Emily in Paris. And we've discovered that their personalities correspond ti certain astrological signs. So which series leading lady does your zodiac sign match up with?

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Joyce Byers fromStranger Things.Cancer is one of the most tenacious signs of the zodiac, ready to do anything for love. This sign is also very attached to its family, which makes it the most maternal sign of the zodiac. So who better to represent them than Joyce Byres, the protective mum who follows her instincts and is usually right!


Phoebe from Friends. The famousPhoebe of the Friends series is arather extravagant person. Her originality can sometimes be a bit odd, but people born under this sign are generally charming. They are very independent and they have a constant need for freedom. When it comes to love, they're not very romantic. They prefer one-night stands to love with a capital 'L'.


Emily in the Emily in Paris series. Enthusiastic, light-hearted and optimistic, Emily charmed us all with her sparkling personality. Her thirst for adventure and her courage have opened unsuspected doors for her, but watch out for the bad guys! A word of advice: don't stand in a Sagittarius' way, because people born under this sign hate injustice.


Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City series. Now there's a gal we love! Carrie Bradshaw is THE TV character who has made thousands of people fantasize about her life. A great romantic, she can't see herself living without love, which is why her life resembles a fairy tale. Unfortunately, she'll do anything to get everyone into her pocket, which can sometimes be a little problematic. Kind, generous and well-balanced, Carrie Bradshaw is the perfect Libra.


Daenerys Targaryen from the Game of Thrones series. We all know that Leo is a conquering sign. So who better to embody this courageousness than the magnificent Daenerys - queen of the Gameof Thrones series? This sign fascinates the people around it, as it rarely shows signs of weakness.Only their own great power and authority can play tricks on them... like Daenerys!


Buffy from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. She's headstrong, stubborn and super brave. Aries are often natural born leaders with a strong sense of justice. So, it makes sense that this heroine would be our choice for Aries.


Sarah Cameron from the Outer Banks series. She's possessive, but extremely charming and loyal. People born under this sign are often very dedicated, and some would even say stubborn. We're pretty sure that matches up for the Kook Queen turned Pogue.


Madeline Mackenzie from Big Little Lies. If you have a Gemini in your life, then you know what we are getting at here. She's chatty, bubbly and - on occasion - tells a little white lie. The thing is with the Gemini sign, you are dealing with one person who has two sides to them. This can be great - and it certainly keeps things interesting - but you just have to keep up because they change their minds a lot.


Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.She's a perfectionist, and that slots right in with the Virgo sign. people born under this sign are known for being meticulous, and using their sharp minds to get what they want. As we all remember, Blair knew who she wanted in love and, well, it took a while but she got him! And the good news is that Virgos are very loyal, so we can imagine Blair living happily together with her great love in the future Gossip Girl universe.


Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy. She's funny, frank and intense. People born under this star are often fearless and bold, and they have the hot, passionate planet Mars to thank for that.

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Spencer from Pretty Little Liars. Not always the most fun out of the PLL gang, but often the one who got the gang out of a sticky situation. She's serious, thoughtful and responsible. It's a shame the same can't be said for all her family members, but just in case you haven't got that far we won't ruin it for you...


Jessica Day from the New Girl series. She's emotional, but dedicated and instinctive. People born under this sign are often imaginative, creative, kind and supportive...check, check, check and check! Jess makes everyone in the series feel better when they are down and always tries to find solutions to their problems, even though they are often a bit bizarre...

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