Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces: Beware, these zodiac signs hold the most grudges

Here's the ranking of the zodiac signs who hold the grudges for the longest time! The first one will surprise you...

Beware, these zodiac signs hold the most grudges
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Beware, these zodiac signs hold the most grudges

Want to know if your sign is one of the most resentful in the zodiac? Don't worry, we've got the answer in the article below...

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1 - Taurus

Calm by nature, Tauruses don't lose their temper easily, but beware: a knife in the back and Tauruses will cut all ties immediately. Besides, they hate people who don't assume their responsibilities.

2 - Scorpio

If you're looking for them, Scorpios can sting and hurt (it's in their nature, after all). They'll tell you that revenge is a dish best served cold, so they may already be thinking up their next plan.

3 - Pisces

Hypersensitive, yes, but also very intuitive. This quality makes it easy for Pisces to get in your way if you've betrayed their trust...

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4 - Cancer

It may not seem like it, but Cancers are radical. They have a hard time getting over their wounds and moving on. They can't stand betrayal.

5 - Virgo

Rigid and proud, Virgos have no trouble pointing out our faults, with them there are no second chances.

6 - Capricorn

Unless you've destroyed or damaged their work, Capricorns hold absolutely no grudges and move on easily.

7 - Aries

Aries hold absolutely no grudges, as they're used to getting everything out in the open. If they don't like something, don't worry, they'll tell you and the abscess will soon be burst...

8 - Gemini

Thanks to communication, Geminis don't hold on to their frustration for too long, and everything is eventually sorted out!

9 - Libra

Libras' taste for harmony and beautiful things can't make them succumb to negativity.

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10 - Leo

Leos are too narcissistic to care about others and therefore resent them.

11 - Aquarius

Aquariuses don't hold grudges, because they like to get to the bottom of things and understand. To do this, they'll put everything on the table and won't let bad feelings get in the way.

12 - Sagittarius

They are a sign of the zodiac that's far too kind, that forgives anything from anyone... Sagittarians don't hold grudges at all, but sometimes they should...

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