When you crave a cuddle, turn to these 5 zodiac signs

Cuddling doesn't come naturally to everyone. But it appears that some zodiac signs are more inclined to give hugs than others. Find out if you're one of them.

When you crave a cuddle, turn to these 5 zodiac signs
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When you crave a cuddle, turn to these 5 zodiac signs

Not everyone in a couple expresses their love in the same way. While some aren't into PDA, others don't hesitate to shower their partners with many moments of affection and cuddling. This could be due to your astrological sign as they can help determine if you are more inclined to be a cuddler. Let us tell you about it.

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It is fair to assume that, by now, we know that each sign of the zodiac has its own character traits. All personalities are very different and respond to the day and month of your birth. This is all due to the positioning of the planets at the time.

In 2022, the signs that had the best year were Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn and Scorpio, thanks to planets like particularly Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Generally speaking, 2022 was a good year for all the signs. Unfortunately 2023, has changed that as the planets and theirenergies will really shift and bring about renewal.

But back to our cuddling! Discover the most cuddly zodiac signs.

Taurus: the cuddliest of all

Tauruses are not the most sensitive sign in the zodiac, but they're the most affectionate. If you are are a Taurus, chances are, you are great sentimentalist, taking care of your loved ones and ensuring their material and psychological well-being. Despite an appearance that can sometimes appear rough and closed off, Tauruses are sentimental. When they love, they don't hold back and can become very tactile. It's not unusual for them to show their love and affection through hugging their partner.

Cancer: the cuddle machine

The people born as Cancers have a great need for affection, which is why they love giving and receiving hugs. They evolve in a rich emotional world, and feel at ease near water, their element, but they will never refusea comforting cuddle. Ruled by the Moon, which symbolizes 'woman and the maternal side', this sign 'loves thoughtful gestures more than anything else and needs to be cocooned'. Cancers are very tactile, due to their sensitive nature. Physical contact allows them to prove their affection. Cancer is a sign that needs love and loves to give it.

Leo: a hugger if necessary

Leos are overflowing with generosity and goodwill. They're usually always ready to cuddle, despite this exterior of having a massive ego which can make them seem a bit cold. However, Leos know how and when to show your support and care for others. But they cuddle especially when they need to...

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Pisces: the need for comfort

If you're born a Pisces, then you are the sign that needs the most comfort. You get easily emotionally hurt, so you tend to create a bubble in which you feel protected. Thanks to your great intuition, you seize the right opportunities to give or ask for a warm embrace. By nature, this sign is very romantic and, above all, inclined to empathy. Pisces always put themselves in the shoes of the person in front of them and share their emotions. This makes Pisces a generous and tactile sign. Born under this sign you usually don't hesitate to cuddle your loved ones in order to support them or show them that you care.

Aries: the impulsive

Aries don't necessarily give the impression they're a great cuddler and yet, they are. Indeed, they tend to be great believers in the benefits of cuddling. On the other hand, people shouldn't expect you to be glued to them as you're more instinctive and impulsive. Even when it comes to cuddling, you know when to take the initiative.

Don't forget about Capricorns

Even if they may not seem like it, the reserved and modest Capricorn also appreciates being hugged. In private, out of sight, Capricorns need a lot of affection and softness, and they often adore cuddly toys.

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