Astro: This is how your star sign influences your love life

Is your love life in shambles? Is it thriving? Well whatever questions you might have your zodiac sign could give you some answers...

Love zodias astro relationship
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Love zodias astro relationship

Many people are single for months on end, if not years. And many don't always understand the reasons why. But what you didn't know is thatyour astrological sign can tell you a lot about this rough patch in your emotional life.

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You're too impressive. You like to shine in society, you seem very proud and arrogant, that's what puts people off. This attitude can make you seem haughty or unapproachable. Single Leos may find it difficult to find someone who admires them without feeling threatened by their charismatic aura.


You are loyal and stable, but your need for security can sometimes make you too demanding or possessive. You need to learn to trust and give your partner a little freedom. A Taurus can be single because it's hard to find someone who accepts their need for security.


Your icy side plays tricks on you. You don't show enough love for others, and you have a sharp tongue. It can sometimes seem a bit cold! Try and show a little more flexibility and openness about your feelings.


You don't know how to reassure. You have a tendency to talk in circles, making it hard for people to trust you. You seem detached from everything which can also scare people away.


You are a sensitive and emotional soul. Your fear of vulnerability can lead you to be cautious in love, which can delay the formation of relationships. As a Cancer, you must learn to open your heart and to trust in order to find a partner who truly understands you.


You're too jealous. You throw tantrum after tantrum over insignificant things. It's tiring, and doesn't make your partners want to make commit to anything long-term.


You're too demanding. You always expect more, and not everyone is prepared for that much pressure. Sometimes you have to reconsider your standards especially when they're unattainable... You're also known for your independence and drive. Your desire for conquest and adventure can make you reluctant to make a serious commitment. Aries people are often afraid of losing their freedom by entering into a long-term relationship. For them, finding a partner who shares their passion for the excitement of life is essential.


You have to blame your clingy side. You tend to smother your partner, who clearly needs more space. You have a side that needs reassurance all the time and consequently, you ask for a lot...


You're not demonstrative enough. It's not easy to know whether you really care about the other person or not. Open your heart more and try to give a minimum of feedback. Virgos are also perfectionists and tend to be critical of themselves and others. Your quest for perfection can lead you to be too picky when it comes to choosing your partner. Virgos must learn to be more tolerant and accept imperfections if they are to find love.


You're a free spirit who loves innovation and novelty. Your eccentricity can make you hard to understand. An Aquarius needs to find someone who appreciates their originality.


You are constantly seeking harmony and balance in your life. However, your desire to maintain peace may lead you to avoid the confrontations necessary in a relationship. Libras must learn to express their needs to avoid remaining single.


You love adventure, freedom and exploration. Your desire to discover new horizons can make you hard to tie down. A Sagittarius needs to find someone who shares their passion for adventure.

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The article was translated from Oh!MyMag France.

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