Here's how to get over a breakup, according to your zodiac sign

Have you just gone through a more or less painful breakup? Here's how to move on according to your zodac sign.

zodiac astrology relationships breakup
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zodiac astrology relationships breakup

Ice cream, chocolate and romance movies are a good way to get over a breakup. But depending on your zodiac sign, we've got THE advice to get you back on track!

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Aries, let's turn the page! The best way to get over a breakup is to start a new relationship.


Tauruses, you need time... You need a change of scenery!


Geminis, you intellectualize the situation, take a step back and change your perspective. To your credit!


Breaking up = Taking stock. Yes, it's painful, but you're trying to put your emotions aside and take stock of this relationship. Cancereans, surrounded by your family, you'll get through this ordeal.

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Leos, your pride takes a hit, but showing it is out of the question. You keep your head up and get back to work so you don't have to think.


Virgos, let time do its work and stop feeling guilty... It's time to enjoy and take care of yourself!


Libras, get together with your friends and celebrate - there's no time to feel sorry for yourself!


Scorpios, take courage, set yourself free and say what's on your mind.

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Sagittareans, let off steam! Do some cardio to clear your head. It'll do you a world of good!


Capricorns, if you isolate yourself long enough to digest the breakup, you'll already be thinking about your revenge...


Aquarians, friends first! With you, they'll be forgotten in no time!


Pisceans, you need your loved ones to support you at this difficult time, you need to relieve the stress.

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Astrology and break-ups

In astrology, the influence of the stars on break-ups is often interpreted through the study of planetary transits, the positions of the planets at the time of the break-up and the analysis of individual astrological charts. Here's how certain astrological aspects can be perceived during break-ups:

  1. Planetary transits: Certain planetary transits can indicate periods of questioning or change in relationships. For example, dissonant aspects between Saturn (responsibility, limits) and Venus (love, relationships) can signal relational challenges or responsibilities that create tension in the relationship.
  2. Personal planetary positions: Specific configurations in the individual natal chart can reveal tendencies towards independence or emotional dependence. For example, a person with astrological aspects encouraging independence may be more inclined to seek greater autonomy in relationships, which can sometimes lead to a break-up.
  3. Planetary retrograde: Planetary retrogrades, like Mercury's, are often associated with misunderstandings or communication difficulties. This can sometimes play a role in arguments that can lead to a break-up.
  4. Eclipses: Eclipses can bring sudden, unexpected changes. Times close to an eclipse can sometimes trigger ruptures, as they bring to light hidden problems or prompt radical changes.

However, it's important to note that astrology doesn't predict specific events like breakups with certainty. Rather, it offers trends and potential energies that can influence circumstances.

Break-ups are often the result of many factors, including relationship dynamics, individual emotions, personal needs and external circumstances. Astrology can be used as a thinking tool to better understand relationship patterns, but it should not be the only basis for explaining a break-up. It is essential to take into account the complexity of each individual situation.

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