This is how long it usually takes to get over a breakup

The study by market research company OnePoll and Yelp Eat24 has revealed how long heartbreak lasts, and it's not pretty...

This is how long it usually takes to get over a breakup
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This is how long it usually takes to get over a breakup

Breaking up with someone is never easy, and it can be so painful that it can lead to hellish depression. That famous moment when you spend weeks in bed watching Netflix, forgetting the effect of a dose of happiness, when you end up telling yourself that life has always been like this: sad and gloomy. Heartbreak can even lead to massive weight loss or gain. If the more the days go by, the more we think we'll never get over it, we won't! A study carried out by OnePoll and Yelp Eat24 has calculated how long it takes to get over a break-up.

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18 months of painful break-ups

According to this study, we all spend an average of 18 months of our lives overcoming a break-up. That 18 months is based on three major break-ups and the average six months it takes to get over them. The companies OnePoll and Yelp Eat24, revealed that the sadness that accompanies a break-up can be so high that we reject everything in our path. It's important to remember that everyone copes differently, everyone uses different methods to move on, and everyone needs a different amount of time before they can begin to put their lives in order.

The study surveyed 2,000 people across the U.S. to find out how long it took people to do certain things after a breakup, from crying to deleting their ex's number from their phone. On average, it could take several weeks to complete these small actions that help people move on.

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Here's what happens during those 18 months

According to the same study published in Bustle, 18 months is the time it takes to stop looking at your ex's social networks. For the majority of people surveyed, stopping stalking takes around five weeks. However, one in ten was able to admit that it still peaks five months or more after the break-up. This time of break-up acceptance also includes the cessation of crying, and thankfully so! After a heartbreak, it takes about six weeks to stop shedding tears. And let's not forget deleting our former partner's phone number for good. According to the study, it takes 6.5 weeks for people to delete their ex-partner's number.

But these 18 months are also an opportunity to get rid of the belongings of people who have hurt us. As the study revealed, people leave their ex's belongings lying around their apartment for seven weeks - almost two whole months. As for deleting their photos, it would take 7.5 weeks - almost the same length of time - to stop talking to them for good. And yes, eradicating all forms of communication with your ex would take eight weeks! Finally, the last step is to start seeing other people again. According to the study and the 2,000 people surveyed, it takes 13.5 weeks, or just over three months, to start dating again after a break-up.

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