These are the fastest tricks to effectively get rid of your pimples

After the summer, no one is immune to the rebound effect. Take care of your little imperfections overnight with our advice and these innovative products.

These are the fastest tricks to effectively get rid of your zits
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These are the fastest tricks to effectively get rid of your zits

Whether it's due to hormones during menstruation, stress, excess sebum, lack of sleep or an excess of sweets, there are many causes for the imperfections that appear on our faces.

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With the mask we have had to wear every day to the office, at school or on public transport, for years, the state of our skin is far from improving. On the contrary, we're back a few years with our teenage acne and we don't really know how to get rid of it for good.

Whatever the reason for the zits or pimples appearing on our pretty faces, here are the best products for getting rid of them at home as quickly as possible!

Steps to follow to get rid of a pimple

While there are many targeted products for drying out and making a pimple disappear overnight, sometimes that's not all you need to use. Pimples often appear because the skin's pores are encrusted and because our epidermis tends to produce too much sebum.

Never skip out on cleansing

So we start by getting into the habit of cleansing our skin every day. Our face collects all the bacteria that can be found on our hands when we touch our face, all the impurities in the air, and so on. So after a busy day, in the underground, at the office, in class, we must think about purifying our skin and eliminating all the dead cells that clog our pores and eventually form pimples.

Foaming cleanser, micellar water, oil, there's bound to be a product to suit you and your skin type. You can even use a mechanical or automatic cleansing brush for flawless skin!

Use masks regularly

If your skin needs a little help to eliminate all the impurities, you can use anti-imperfections or purifying masks to thoroughly cleanse the skin and leave it feeling soft.

However, these masks can be a little too aggressive for our skin and should therefore be used sparingly. Once or twice a week is more than enough!

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These 3 ultra-effective ingredients against acne breakouts

When it's really bad and you've got red, white or swollen spots, you're desperate to make them disappear as quickly as possible.

To help them disappear and calm the inflammation, there are a number of products, both natural and otherwise, that will calm the fire on your face, reduce the size of the pimple and, above all, prevent you from having to break it out.

Even if there's a certain satisfaction in popping our pimples in front of the mirror, it's the best way to rekindle the blemish or leave ugly scars if you go too hard. As a result, instead of wisely waiting for the pimple to go away, we just make it worse, even more visible, or leave marks on ourselves.

To speed up the process, there are targeted skin care products that can be left on overnight to purify the area and calm the inflammation. Here are the best ingredients for an effective anti-blemish treatment!

Tea tree oil, the magic ingredient

This essential oil works miracles on our blemishes. We always have a little bottle lying around in our bathroom, ready to pull out as soon as the slightest pimple appears. Just a few drops on a cotton bud and apply locally to the unwanted spot on your face, and within a few days the blemish will have completely disappeared, without you even having to touch it!

There are also other essential oils that can have a positive effect on acne, such as True Lavender essential oil or Manuka essential oil, which is indicated in cases of severe acne because it is much more powerful than Tea Tree oil.

Green clay

Whether used as a mask over the whole face or just on a pimple, green clay helps to dry, purify and calm inflammation. Apply a small amount in the evening before going to bed, leave to dry and in the morning, all that's left to do is clean the area. The blemish should be gone.

Salicylic acid skincare

This ingredient, used in many anti-blemish skincare products, has already proved its effectiveness on acne. It helps to purify the skin and limit the clogging of pores. In targeted treatments or as a serum, it will refine the texture of the skin and make it much clearer!

Wash your hands well, cleanse your face thoroughly, apply a little product directly to the blemish and wait for the ingredients to do their job!

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