Aldi is dropping a range of beauty buys to get glowing skin naturally

Wondering how to get glowing skin naturally? Aldi is releasing a new range of products that should help you along the way…

Glowing skin
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Glowing skin

We’re well into winter–aka one of the toughest seasons for our skin. This year, we’ve got the problem of face masks and ‘maskne’ to exacerbate the usual dryness and sensitivity caused by the biting cold weather. But giving your skin some extra TLC doesn’t have to break the bank, as Aldi’s new range proves…

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Aldi’s Lacura Miracle Cream

First up, Aldi’s immensely popular Lacura Miracle Cream is heading back to shelves this week. Priced at just £4.49 for a 50ml tube, this cream protects, soothes and moisturises your skin and also contains anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s the perfect weapon against that winter dryness many of us are experiencing.

Lacura Micellar products

Make sure you’re protecting your skin whilst removing your make-up with Aldi’s Lacura Micellar Water. Costing £1.59, and featuring detoxing and purifying qualities, it’s designed to cleanse the skin whilst removing impurities and make-up, leaving you feeling totally fresh.

If you prefer the convenience of wipes, Aldi also have two types of Lacura Micellar Wipes available at £0.89 a pack. Both the oil-infused and standard wipes contain 0% alcohol, so they’re suitable even if you have dry or sensitive skin. What’s more, these wipes are biodegradable–so they’re kind to the environment too!

Aldi’s new range of beauty Special Buys designed to help you get glowing skin naturally are set to go on sale online from 24th January before appearing in stores from 31st January. They’re only available while stocks last, so it’s probably a good idea to get in quick if you want to stock up!

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