3 Tips On How To Best Get Rid Of Spots

Most people never manage to fully vanquish their evil spots and pimples. Well, here are our 3 best tips on how to get rid of them for good.

3 Tips On How To Best Get Rid Of Spots
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3 Tips On How To Best Get Rid Of Spots

There are days when we would literally do anything to have clear, bright skin. And yet, the same thing always seems to happen. As soon as you get out of bed, you notice a little white or red mark that has magically appeared on your face overnight. And as if that isn’t bad enough, it always seems to happen on the days when we have an important work meeting or even a date.

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And so, the battle begins to try and hide it or cover it up. But be careful, this is not a task to be taken lightly.

Clean your skin to prevent bacteria from spreading

Before you begin to try and hide or cover up your spots, it is important to correctly clean the infected area and to do this, you should consider investing in some cleansing gels that have been specifically designed for this, as well as other useful products that dry out the area and reduce inflammation. These kinds of treatments and products help to form a protective layer on your skin and they also isolate the spot and the bacteria from its surrounding environment.

Although we have a nasty habit of jumping straight to squeezing or popping our spots, it is essential to resist this temptation so as to prevent the spot from growing and also to prevent other unappealing scars and marks from appearing.

Invest in some suitable, specifically designed make-up

Once the spot has appeared, it’s difficult to cover it up straight away and so, you could try using lighter products that have been specifically designed to cover these marks such as a liquid, non-comedogenic foundation that has been dermatologically tested, is suitable for use on imperfections and can be applied to the entire face.

But if even this isn’t enough to cover up your spots, it’s time to get out the big guns: a green concealer stick. It’s cold colour acts to lessen the appearance of the redness of your spots and once you have applied it to the affected area, all you have to do then is apply another type of concealer on top in order to get it to match your normal skin colour and tone.

But be careful, if you put too much of these kinds of product on top of a spot to try and hide it, it can actually end up being more visible and noticeable. Even worse still, you will end up suffocating your spot and that won’t help it to disappear as quick as you would like.

In terms of applying these products, don’t use your finger, but a soft brush instead which you will then need to clean afterwards to avoid the bacteria from spreading.

So that your spot is covered up nicely for the whole day, it is crucial that you fix these products in place with a transparent powder. With a larger brush, apply a layer of this powder onto your face without necessarily focussing too much on the affected area. In fact, it’s probably best to just give this area a light coating. Because the area is already quite dry, the powder will only intensify this.

Improve your skincare routine

But to avoid having to go to such lengths to cover up your spots, why not consider changing your skincare routine for one that is more adapted to your skin and more healthy in general instead? Our first piece of advice? Invest in some natural products such as jojoba oils which help to hydrate the areas that are affected by spots. As soon as you have applied this oil, it will work together with your skin to restore the hydrolipidic layer. And the same goes for removing your make up, which shouldn’t be optional, but a mandatory part of every woman’s evening ritual, and can be done using plant oils.

And there you have it. The keys to covering up those evil spots that have the audacity of trying to ruin your beautiful face.

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