This is how to get rid of cracked heels

Who would have thought lockdown would also be responsible for a rise in bad cases of cracked heels?

This is how to get rid of cracked heels
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This is how to get rid of cracked heels

As it turns out, being stuck at home has had more effects on our bodies than we could have ever imagined! Podiatrist and founder of City Chiropody, Andrew Gladstone McPod, explains that:

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I've definitely seen a rise of cracked heels and generally dry feet due to lockdown. I've also seen a lot of corms and hard skin as people have been walking around on hard floors at home with no shoes or socks on.

How to treat cracked heals

Not only are cracked heels not the most flattering to look at when sporting a hot summer sandal or heel, but they can actually become infected and quite painful as a result. So, what's the best solution to fight off and treat cracked heels? Dr. Gladstone says that using UREA is your best bet to getting rid of pesky cracked heels.

UREA is a gentle chemical skin softener used to rapidly rehydrate damaged skin. On top of moisturising your cracked heals you must also get into the habit of lathering them with sun block. Dr Gladstone says:

The skin on your feet – particularly at the top – is very delicate and can burn easily, particularly if our feet have been covered with socks and shoes most of the year.

Finally, Dr. Gladstone also recommends creating a layer of protection:

Try filling the crack with antiseptic cream – like Savlon or Sudocrem – then covering the area with either a gauze and tape or a plaster. Re-apply the plaster and cream daily for a few days until it stops hurting. The cream and the plaster will rapidly hydrate the skin and allow the edges of the crack to join together.

How to prevent cracked heals

The best way of preventing your heels from cracking is by regularly removing the layer of dead skin that builds up over time. Using a foot file to gently buff away old and dead skin will smooth out your heel.

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