Peegasm: This common sex trend can be dangerous and can cause serious health problems

This is the recent practice that many women are said to be indulging in and it is worrying doctors. Is having an orgasm, at the cost of your health, that important?

Peegasm, the intense but dangerous sexual trend
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Peegasm, the intense but dangerous sexual trend

The word 'peegasm' can be considered similar to the sexual practice of Golden Shower, the practice of urinating on one's partner. But where does this latest female sexual trend come from? And what are experts saying?

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A unique pleasure

We have been aware of the narcissistic pleasure that can be linked to spontaneous or controlled urination. But the followers of peegasm, a term made from 'pee' and 'gasm' (the end of the word orgasm), go further and even discuss the sexual pleasure of urinating after having voluntarily held it for a very long time.

This form of female orgasm found its first mention on Reddit when an Internet user expressed his curiosity. Mentioning his girlfriend who, when she stopped herself from peeing and ended up going to the bathroom, experienced orgasms 'running up and down her spine to the top of her head'. He asked other women about their knowledge of this habit and the answers started pouring in shortly. Several women confirmed that they were doing the exercise themselves and others said they were considering trying it.

Ladies, do any of you get mini orgasms from peeing after holding it in? from sex

There are physiological reasons for the physical pleasure of urination. As sex educator Celeste Holbrook explained, the urethra is close to the vagina and the clitoris, so the clitoris is stimulated when the bladder neck opens to let out a large stream of urine. Is there any harm in doing this? Well, yes, there is.

The risks of this habit

When asked about this latest trend, many doctors have warned of the dangers it presents. In particular, holding back from urinating for too long increases the possibility of bacteria multiplying in the filled bladder and consequently developing cystitis.

Dr Carol Cooper, who works as a medical journalist for the British newspaper The Sun, points out the obvious:

These so-called peegasms involve holding onto a full bladder much longer than normal. That's where the danger lies, as it can trigger urine infections which may even damage the kidneys.
As so many women are already prone to cystitis, I really advise against going for a peegasm, even if you're otherwise healthy. The reason so many women find the sensation pleasurable is that an over-full bladder stimulates the nerves in the pelvis that control arousal.

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