This sex position will definitely help you stimulate your secret spots

Do you want to spend a moment of intense intimacy with your partner while putting a little adventure in your lovemaking? Then this sex position is just right for you.

This sex position will bring you impossibly close to your partner
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This sex position will bring you impossibly close to your partner

If you are one of the many yoga enthusiasts, you have probably already heard of the 'Lotus' position. It is one of the most famous meditation postures in which you sit cross-legged with your feet on the opposite thigh, neck and back straight, and hands on your knee. What you probably didn't know, however, is the octopus sexual position. A variation of the famous Lotus position offers you the opportunity to experience a particularly strong moment of connection and bonding with your partner, which will ultimately lead to an orgasm.

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How to perform the Octopus position

Like the Lotus position, the octopus position requires the penetrating partner, to sit on their butt, preferably on a bed. They should then cross their legs so that they are in the meditative posture mentioned above while leaving enough space for their partner to come and sit right in front of them, as explained on the specialist website BadGirlsBible.

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The partner being penetrated, should therefore come and sit facing the penetrating partner's crotch and wrap their arms around their partner's back, to get as close to them as possible, all the while placing their ankles on their shoulders. The penetrating partner can also help their partner come close by pulling them towards their crotch with their arms. If all this seems a bit complex, here is a little diagram that should be of great help.

Intimacy and connection

As you can see, when two lovers find themselves in this position, the two most important factors are intimacy and connection. The lovers are literally glued to each other and can look each other in the eye during lovemaking. It is also an ideal position to kiss your partner all over, from lips to cheeks, neck, chest and ears.

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