This is the best sex position to help those with vaginas orgasm

Close the orgasm gap with this extra stimulating sex position designed for the pleasure of vagina owners!

This is the best sex position to help people with vaginas orgasm
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This is the best sex position to help people with vaginas orgasm

In an ideal world, orgasms would never be difficult to achieve. However, if you are part of the half of the population that has a vagina, well, then you know all too well that reaching the big O can be a complicated feat.

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There’s a valid reason why the orgasm gap exists. Most of it can come down to the fact that for many of us, especially those who have sex with cis-men, the conventional ways to get spicy seem to favour their pleasure first.

Today, we want to flip those conventions and focus on giving those with vaginas the love and empowerment in the bedroom that they deserve!

Keep in mind…

We do have a quick disclaimer before we jump into some positions geared towards vaginal pleasure.

As vagina owners already know, it’s rare to cum from purely penetration alone. So, don’t be afraid to insist on more foreplay, toys, and more focused clitoral stimulation to really reach that ultimate pleasure.

Communicating your wants and needs to your partner is key; gone are the days of vagina owners being stigmatised for our sexual desires and pleasure!

Nevertheless, (disclaimer over), this position might be able to help you or your vagina-owning partner achieve the big O during penetration. But if it doesn't just remember that we all have different bodies that respond to different stimuli, so don't feel afraid to explore and find out your own personal preferences.

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The Edge

With all that being said, let’s show you an example of a position so good, it’ll take both partners to the edge (and hopefully further)!

It’s quite simple, really. The penetrated partner lays on their back, with their hips at the edge of the bed. The penetrator enters while standing from the front under their partner’s legs. The great part about this is that it really lets the vagina-owner control the angle and depth of the penetration, prioritising their pleasure.

Angle up and grind to hit that G-Spot or go further in for some deep penetration that is sure to get you gripping at the sheets. Make it feel extra, extra good by stimulating the clitoris, which is easily accessible by both parties in this position!

We hope that this position and advice gives our vagina-owning readers some more pleasure and empowerment in the bedroom! Now get out there, try it out, and have some fun!

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This is best sex position to guarantee mutual orgasms This is best sex position to guarantee mutual orgasms