'Sexercise': The best sex positions for a good workout

If you were under the impression that sex is actually a good form of exercise, you couldn’t be more right. Surprised? We’ll break it down for you.

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Sex, no matter how vanilla it is, can make you a hot, sweaty, breathless mess. It feels like a real workout, even when you’re in the most basic position. In fact, did you know that almost half of the British population actually considers sex as a workout? That’s what sexperts at Lovehoney, UK’s most popular adult retailer, revealedin their survey.

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Lovehoney survey

They interviewed over 2,000 sexually active adults to find out what they think about ‘sexercising’ and reported that 45% of Brits believe that sexual intercourse is a type of physical activity.

What’s even more surprising is that one in four Brits actually monitor their heart rate and the calories they’ve burned during sex! They’re not wrong in doing so. According to Lovehoney, a recent study found that sex is ‘equivalent to light-moderate exercise’ and you can apparently burn three to four calories during the activity, per minute. Now, you probably won't be able to count on only sex to help you achieve your fitness goals, but it certainly is a great additional form of exercise you can do on a regular basis.

So, if you’re contemplating adding ‘sexercise’ to your fitness routine, you’ll be happy to know that the adult retailer recently partnered up with sex and fitness experts to highlight the positions that are both sexually satisfying and also make for a great work out. Here are some of their recommended positions that’ll work your abdominal muscles and glutes!

Abs night

In order to do physically straining and challenging activities, your abdominal muscles have to be strengthened. That’s why you’ll find a lot of people doing crunches and all sorts of ab exercises when they’re in the gym. If you want to have an ab day in bed, these positions will activate your core and make it stronger.

Sex positions for the abdominals Lovehoney

Love Tug

For this position, the receiving partner needs to get down on all fours with the knees slightly apart. The partner who is giving the pleasure will get on two knees right behind and latch on to their partner with one of both of their arms. In this position, both partners will automatically activate their core muscles and the movement of both bodies during the activity will help to work out the abdomen.

Heart to heart

Much like in the missionary position, the receiver will be laying down on their back. Their legs, however, will be spread wide open and the penetrating partner will insert themselves in between. Both partners will be facing each other and have to keep their body, especially their core, stable so that they’re moving in the same rhythm.

Glutes night

You shouldn’t work out your glutes just to have an attractive derriere, remember—having a fit behind is also important because it supports your body and especially your core. If you want to get a good glute session in while making love, these two positions get both the jobs done.

Sex positions for the glutes Lovehoney


In this position, have the penetrative partner lie down on their back with their knees bent and up in the air. The other will then squat on top and take their partner’s legs and place them on top of their shoulders. By the time the partners are done with their coital activities, they’ll both have finished a nice workout for their glutes.


This could be a difficult position to sustain in the beginning, but you’ll definitely have a sore butt at the end of your love-making session. To start, the receiving partner will get into a bridge-like position, with head on the ground, back arched, and feet apart and planted firmly on the floor. The penetrative partner will sandwich themselves between the receiving person’s leg and plug in their member or a toy.

‘Sexercise’: These sex positions will give you the best workout ‘Sexercise’: These sex positions will give you the best workout