Celebration sex: Is it a good idea to end with a bang?

Celebration sex, what could possibly go wrong? Well, it might not always be the best idea and here's why!

Does celebration sex give you fireworks or make you fizzle out?
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Does celebration sex give you fireworks or make you fizzle out?

As the new year approaches many of you might have one thing occupying your minds: the first shag of the year!

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According to new research by Love Honey, 54% of people go out with a bang on New Years, and even more than that (59%) use this celebration to try new things in the bedroom with their partner.

So what is it about celebrations, like birthdays and national holidays, that apparently makes us all horny?

The psychology of celebration sex

As it turns out, Love Honey's research tells us that the strong emotions that we feel during celebratory times can often be mistaken for sexual arousal. When partying or at a special event, your heart rate will likely increase and your endorphins will freely flow, both of which also occur during sex, creating a subconscious link between the two in our minds. And of course, any alcohol consumed whilst celebrating will only add to these feelings of arousal.

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Why you should be careful when considering celebration sex

Now, don't get us wrong, we love any and all opportunities to have sex, and there is nothing inherently unadvisable about celebration sex. But it's useful to remember that celebration sex should be carefully considered and not rushed into before the countdown ends!

This is because many people feel the obligation to engage in celebration sex which can lead them to have sex without actually wanting to. This can be due to celebrations like New Years, birthdays or valentine's day acting as calendar reminders of how long it's been since they were intimate with their partner, or they might feel the need to uphold a certain social script, like the belief that your partner deserves a 'birthday blowjob' because this has become a social norm.

How to have consensual celebration sex

Therefore, consent is an incredibly crucial conversation surrounding celebration sex or in any other situation where sex starts to feel obligatory. So, be sure to check in with your partner before and during any celebrations to see if they're down, or not, to wrap up the big night, whatever it might be, with a bang!

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