This is how often most people change positions while they are having sex

During lovemaking, we sometimes want to try out different positions. But how often should you change sexual position during intercourse?

sex positions pleasure
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sex positions pleasure

When it comes to sex, a certain routine sometimes sets in. We can quickly become tempted by the practice of 'quick sex' or, in other words, sex that's 'done quickly and well', and we tend to cut to the chase.

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So sometimes it's good to change our habits and put a little zuzh into our sex life. How about a change of position during sex? Some people embark on a choreographic marathon, while others are a little more cautious about the exercise and limit themselves to one or two positions. But is there a right number of postures to adopt when making love?

Should I change position when making love?

Research was carried out by the JOYclub erotic community. They surveyed 5000 of their members, to find out about their sexual position habits. And among them, 61.9% perform 3 different positions during intercourse.

But are men or women more keen on new experiences? The result is clear: according to the responses from club members, 67.1% of men ask for a change, compared to 32.9% of women.

For 86.6% of members, sexual intercourse quickly becomes monotonous if you stay in the same position the whole time.

After that, each couple is free to change positions as often as they like. In any case, the most important thing is not the performance as such, but the pleasure that both (or more) partners derive from it. Just remember to communicate your wishes and desires to your partner(s), before, during and after intercourse, to make the most of this magical moment.

Why do we change position during sex?

As well as breaking the monotony of intercourse, different positions bring different pleasure. Depending on the position chosen, penetration is not the same: deeper, more intense... Certain erogenous zones are also stimulated in different ways. Caresses and kisses will not be the same.

For example, if you're spooning, you'll be able to get a different feeling of pleasure from doggy-style, where you'll be concentrating on very thorough penetration.

Some positions slow down arousal and prevent intercourse from coming to an end too quickly, while others enable rapid orgasm.

But then again, there are no rules! Whether you prefer to do just one position or ten, that's up to you. The important thing is always to discuss it with your partner.

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