This sex technique will guarantee you the best clitoral orgasm

This bedroom technique is designed to give both partners the maximum amount of pleasure!

What is the coital alignment technique?
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What is the coital alignment technique?

As anyone who has a vagina can tell you, penetration is not usually enough to get you to cum during sex! Sometimes it can be frustrating because all the positions and techniques out there don’t seem to keep the clitoris in mind.

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That's why today, we are here to talk all about a move that is designed to give maximum pleasure to both partners! The position was designed to help more vagina owners get the clitoral stimulation they need to orgasm.

What is the coital alignment technique?

It’s just like missionary, but upgraded! It combines that steamy, face-to-face and intimately close action of missionary with some added spice that you will be sure to love! There’s a way that with some clever angling, you can get to the clitoris while still adding in the effect of penetration.

Here’s how you can get into it! Like missionary, the partner being penetrated is on the bottom, laying on their back. The partner on top then lines their pelvis up with their partner, with the outer side of their shaft stroking the outer lips. The partner on top can lay the rest of their body weight now on the bottom partner for some extra closeness.

Now for the best part. The top partner slides just the tip or top part of the penis into the vaginal opening and instead of going all the way in, they push up. Both partners maintain a motion more of rocking back and forth, to continue pushing on the underside of the clitoral gland! It’s better to be slow and intense with this move. Now you can add some extra spice to the session. Use a toy or a free hand to give some extra love to the clit.

What are the benefits?

This position is better than the name suggests, trust us! Getty Images

It’s rare that a sex position comes with so much pier for both partners. The vagina owner has increased changes of orgasm through this position as their clit is really heavily stimulated!

For the penis-owning partner, this is also a great technique. The rocking motion instead of fully penetrating and taking it slow can increase the length of the session while keeping up the intensity.

Also, that much contact with the head of the penis can lead to an even longer and more intense orgasm. Besides that, it’s super close and hot, which everyone will love! Sounds like CAT is a win-win for us!

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This is best sex position to guarantee mutual orgasms This is best sex position to guarantee mutual orgasms