These types of sex toys will raise your orgasms to the next level

Here's why a stainless steel sex toy should be the next addition to your collection!

Stainless steel sex toys: here's how to use them
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Stainless steel sex toys: here's how to use them

Now, 'steel' might not be the first word that pop's into your head when you think of sex toys. But... we're here to change your mind by telling you why steel sex toys are actually some of the best on the market.

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So without further ado, here are the massive pros of owning and using a steel sex toy:

Why you should own a stainless steel sex toy

Not only are stainless steel sex toys ridiculously aesthetic with their glossy finish, smooth lines, and metallic sheen but they are also more environmentally friendly than your average sex toy.

While steel sex toys can be expensive, they're an investment made from quality materials, which means they also last longer than other sex toys on the market. This helps them to be a more eco-conscious choice when it comes to the sustainability of sex toys.

As a metal, stainless is also fully recyclable. Should you ever need to throw away your stainless steel sex toy (which is unlikely) all you need do is pop it in your recycling bin - what a bonus!

Now, sustainability aside, we bet you'll be interested to know that stainless steel sex toys are also exquisitely pleasurable! Although they might seem intimidating at first, their combination of weight and texture make this toy perfect for intense stimulation with minimal effort. Not to mention, this material can be cooled or heated for a little temperature play!

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How to use a stainless steel sex toy

  1. Lots of Lube! Since it's a metal, extra lubrication to ensure slip is essential. Stainless steel toys can be used with oil, silicone, or water-based lubes.
  2. Take it slow! These toys are weighty and best used gently at first to test the pressure.
  3. Clean up! Always make sure to clean your sex toys after use. Stainless steel is one of the easiest materials to clean, using soap and hot water.

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