Zodiac: These are the best sex toys for your zodiac sign

Yes, astrology and sex toys appear to be poles apart, yet combining the two can produce some very magical results.

Zodiac: These are the best sex toys for your zodiac sign
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Zodiac: These are the best sex toys for your zodiac sign

Sex toy shopping can be daunting and this is where astrology comes in. Your next orgasm can be written in the stars as they help you become more self-aware. Your star sign can influence your sex life and help you decide which sex toys to bring home next?

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A rule-following Capricorn needs a classic sex toy—one that gets the job done. A classic rabbit vibrator is the way to go for them. A Rabbit vibrator is a two-in-one sex toy that can be used for both penetration and clitoral stimulation.


An Aquarius is known for being quite forward-thinking, so high-tech sex toys are a good fit. A discreet wearable vibrating plug with a remote control is the one for them. Something that provides stimulation on the go.


Pisces can't help but be drawn to all things escapist. Sexual pleasure is an opportunity for them to blur the gap between reality and fantasy. As such, a wand vibrator as a sex toy for them comes without surprise. A wand vibrator is a massager that may also be used as a vibrator and a sex toy.


Aries prefers things that are quick, nasty, and powerful. They require a clitoral stimulator that is unquestionably powerful and capable of achieving a tremendous orgasm while mimicking oral play.

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Taurus value romance and getting their hands dirty. Given Taurus' fondness for the luxurious things in life, simply being extravagant may be enough to let them off the hook. A piece of jewellery that also functions as a vibrator is ideal for a Taurus.


Gemini is the twins' sign, so, logically, they don't like being alone. They are wild in bed and always look for new and exciting ways to spice up their sex life. A strap on harness with two dildos are the best sex toy for this zodiac sign.

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Cancers are demisexual and they love to find ways to deepen their romantic relationships. These moody individuals need something old fashioned and spiritual. Crystal dildos help them get in touch with themselves and manifest the pleasure of their dreams.


Leos are the roaring lions of the zodiac. As such a Bondage Collar & Leash will help them embrace new sides of themselves rather than always being dominant. And they can get it custom to have all the luxurious and flashy feels.

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Virgos are drawn to minimalist things, especially if they can be disguised as practical. A massage candle is their most pleasing sex toy. The fragrance of the candle will set the mood and the wax can be used to massage their bodies.


Balance is everything for a Libra, and that applies to both their physical and emotional selves. As such, nipple clamps are the best sex toy for them. They're fantastic for stimulating the upper body while keeping the lower body engaged.


Scorpios enjoy teasing and are high-key good at sex. Something that will turn them on in a whole new way is the way to go for them. For instance, a collar with nipple clamps, a whip or a bondage kit.


A Sagittarius prefers to be free in the bedroom. They look for sex toys that are new and exciting along with allowing them to be in charge. A ridding Crop is a mist fitted sex toy for them.

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