These are the zodiac signs that can become your enemies!

While some astrological signs are compatible, others bring out the worst in each other. Beware of those that could turn out to be your enemies...

These are the zodiac signs that can become your enemies!
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These are the zodiac signs that can become your enemies!

By now, we know that zodiac signs influence a lot in our lives. Of course, they say a lot about ourselves, revealing our main qualities and flaws but they can also reveal our addictions and our attachment styles. However, zodiac signs also influence the relationship we have with others. Indeed, because each sign has such specific characteristics, it means that those born under a certain star won't necessarily be a good fit with those born under another.

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Zodiac signs could therefore be responsible for who we bond with, romantically or not, but also who we we argue with and who we dislike. In this article we will show each sign what other sign has the potential to become their enemy! Beware!

Earth signs

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are usually the most serious people of the zodiac, but that doesn't stop them from ruffling a few feathers! Indeed, being serious is not always everyone's cup of tea. So, what are the zodiac signs that don't get along with Earth signs?


Taurus is thesign that embodies stubbornness the most. That means that they tend to not really get along with arrogant signs such as Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio. It's like these signs and Taurus simply aren't on the same wavelength ...


The signs Virgos tend to not get along with are Sagittarius,Ariesand Libra. People born under these signs are too unpredictable for them. Virgos are usually planners, they love organising things in advance so dealing with unpredictable and volatile signs can quickly become annoying.


Capricorns are very cerebral beings. Indeed, they tend to be very passionate about their work and their projects. They also tend to be very organised to the extent that they don't know when to improvise. That's bad luck for impulsive signs, usually Fire signs, like Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.

Air signs

Air signs (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini) usually hate conflict, but if you put them face to face with their worst enemy, things can quickly get out of hand. Air signs aren't afraid to tell you things as they see them but you do have to push them a bit!


The two signs Libras don't get along with are Scorpio and Virgo. Indeed, these signs can sometimes rush into things while Libras like to take their time.


People born under this sign love to live thrilling lives. That means that they like things to change and be a slightly chaotic. Unfortunately, that also means that they find it very hard to get along with Earth signs who they perceive as too serious and overly focused.


Geminis love to talk but, most of all, they love to communicate. Yes, there's a difference. Geminis like to be social as well and they like connecting with people. Capricorns will therefore not be the best match for people born under Gemini as they can be cold and distant.

Fire signs

Fire signs (Leo, Aries and Sagittarius) are known to have very strong personalities. Not a lot of people can handle it.


Leos are not the most radical people. They are the sun, they are incredibly social and love to be the centre of attention. Unfortunately that means that signs with strong believes and who are unwilling to compromise, like Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius are not likely to get along with Leos.

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Irony had to come in somewhere! Dear Aries, you are your worst enemy!


People born as Sagittarius are highly efficient. They get things done in a timely manner and one way to get under their skin is to be slow. That's why it's difficult for someone who is Sagittarius to get along with Pisces, Cancer and Aquarius. These signs just can't keep up with you!

Water signs

Water signs(Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio) are very sensitive to their environment and are highly aware of their feelings. If they can't stand another sign, it's usually for a very good reason!


Our advice is for Pisces to stay away from Gemini and Virgo, because they simply cannot get along with them -their world is too rich and full for them.


People born under this sign don't usually enjoy the company of extroverted and overly expressive signs such as Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.


People born under this sign have strong values and therefore high expectations, for themselves and others. That means that sometimes, people just aren't up to their standards. It also means that tuning in with them is very hard and that's why they tend not to get along with Leo, Gemini and Aquarius. Scorpios and these other signs don't usually expect the same thing out of life.

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Disclaimer: This article is to be taken with a pinch of salt (and not too seriously)!

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