Taurus: Character, compatibility... here's everything you need to know about the zodiac sign

The sign of Taurus concerns all people born between April 20th and May 20th. Here is everything you need to know about this horned beast, its character and its compatibility with the other astro signs!

Everything that makes you a Taurus: Character, compatibility, dates, faults
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Everything that makes you a Taurus: Character, compatibility, dates, faults

Known for its greed and loyalty, the Taurus astrological sign is full of qualities. However, like all the other signs of the zodiac, it can have some flaws that make it more or less compatible with other personalities! Here's everything you need to know to understand this star sign or to decipher your own natal chart.

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The Zodiac sign: Taurus

In sidereal astrology, Taurus is a sign born when the sun was located in the constellation of the same name. In tropical astrology (the most commonly used), it is the second sign after Aries and before Gemini.

On the zodiac wheel, the period of Taurus corresponds to an area between 30° and 60° from the ecliptic plane. The latter is the reference for determining its zodiac sign and corresponds to the movement of the sun from the Earth. That is to say, all people born when the Sun is between 0° and 30° on this scale will be Aries, between 30° and 60° Taurus, and so on to Pisces between 330° and 360°.

This way of calculating makes it possible to determine one's sun sign and the influence of the stars on personalities according to their positions.

To this is added another dimension; the element to which Taurus is attached. It is said that it is an Earth sign, just like Capricorn and Virgo (with whom it necessarily has an easy time getting along). This particularity would be synonymous with stability, they are signs that have their feet on the ground, even if it means being rigid at times.

According to astrologers, they are ruled by planet Venus and their main colour is green, linked to their lucky stone, the emerald.

Everything that makes you a Taurus: Character, compatibility, dates, faults Alex Simpson / Unsplash

What are the dates of the Taurus zodiac sign?

If you don't know your astrological sign, you should know that it depends on your birth date in tropical astrology.

Taurus is a sign for some people who celebrate their birthday in spring, between April 20st and May 20th. Before that, it's the reign of Aries and after that it's Gemini's turn.

In Chinese astrology, on the other hand, it is the year of birth and not the precise date that determines which sign you belong to! Taurus is not to be confused with Buffalo, which is a very different sign.

What are the decans of Taurus?

Each sign of the zodiac extends over a period of approximately one month, which is itself divided into three. This division gives decans which bring subtleties in terms of character traits. The movement of the stars and planets and their influence can also vary between the decans.

A Taurus in the first decan will not necessarily be affected by the same predictions in horoscopes as a Taurus in the second or third.

For Taurus, the decans are delimited by the following dates:

  • First decan from April 20th to 29th
  • Second decan from April 30th to May 10th
  • Third decan from May 11 to May 20

The decan is not to be confused with the ascendant, which is another sign that makes our natal chart a little more precise. It is the sign situated in the East at the precise moment of our birth (we then take into account the time and the location).

One can very well be Taurus ascending Leo or Aquarius ascending Taurus. The influence of each sign on our personality or temperament will then be different.

To grasp all the subtleties of astrology, you need to have a complete vision of the natal chart at the time of your birth, which includes the sun sign, the decan, the ascendant, the moon sign and the planet that governs you. The help of an astrologer is essential to decipher the movement of the stars and the changes that could impact us. This is what is written in horoscopes!

The main faults of Taurus

Every sign has its share of little faults, no one is perfect! Those who belong to the sign of Taurus are often criticized for being a little too rigid due to their visceral need for security and their attachment to comfort, which can pose a problem when they are faced with a decision. They tend to overthink and can be perceived as slow to relax.

If one imagines the animal associated with Taurus, the bull, rushing headlong with all horns out (just like their friend Aries), it is because they can be a bit stubborn. They move forward without paying attention to their surroundings, even if it means appearing intransigent.

The animal associated with Taurus is the bull Hans Eiskonen / Unsplash

The qualities we like in a Taurus

Just like the other Earth signs, they are perceived as a very reliable sign on which their entourage can always count.

Beyond loyalty, which is one of their main qualities, they are a personality marked by sincerity and pragmatism, which makes them honest, straightforward and always in control. No bad surprises with Taurus!

Finally, they are often a worker who likes to see the results of their efforts, especially when it is well done!

On the personality side, they tend to be introverted and sometimes shy, even if once they are confident they appear sociable and even warm.

According to astrologers, they are even the greediest sign of the Zodiac, finding real pleasure and comfort in food!

Which sign is Taurus most compatible with?

In love, those who are Taurus should find happiness with several astrological signs that resemble or complement them. This is notably the case with Cancer, Virgo, Libra or Scorpio.

The sign of Capricorn can also be seduced by Taurus, two Earth signs that will get along wonderfully.

On the other hand, some signs will find it very difficult to get along with Taurus. This incompatibility on paper manifests itself with Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius.

With the first, Taurus can still find common ground but will find it difficult to keep up with the pace, which is so different from Aries.

With Gemini, many divergent character traits make any agreement complicated, Taurus will be more annoyed than attracted!

Finally, Sagittarius' (too) sociable character for Taurus' taste makes them relatively incompatible over time.

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