Zodiac: These are the worst traits of a Taurus

Beauty, delicious food, and luxury—you’re all about that life, Taurus! However, you tend to go overboard, which is exactly what people don’t like about you.

Taurus, these traits are what everyone dislikes about you
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Taurus, these traits are what everyone dislikes about you

Taurus is symbolized by a bull, which many people associate with being headstrong, resilient, and dependable. However, it’s also ruled by the planet Venus, which means it’s a sign that prioritizes luxury, beauty, and sensuality. These aspects make Taurus a complex sign, and you won’t always know which side you’ll get!

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While Taureans generally get a good rep, there are a few not-so-great qualities that have people running in the other direction. Here are a few things that people find unpleasant about you:

Too stubborn

Taureans are fixed signs, which means you tend to be set in your ways—sometimes a little too much, making you a handful to deal with! Typically, it’s either your way or the highway, and you bristle at the suggestion of doing something new for a change. You’re not comfortable with uncertainty, says Brianna Androff of YourTango, causing you to miss out on opportunities and risks that could have vastly improved your relationships or even the quality of your own life.


Since you’re ruled by Venus, you love enjoying delicious food, treating yourself to luxurious purchases, and going on relaxing vacations. However, you tend to go overboard with your spending to chase the best of the best, causing you to teeter into financial instability. Too much of anything won’t do you any good, and a life of excess can snowball into a life of misery, according to AstroStyle. Indulging can certainly get your mind off your troubles, but that’ll only make the proverbial elephant in your room even bigger.

Taurus, these traits are what everyone dislikes about you Velvet Goldmine (1998) / Miramax, Film4 Productions


As someone that enjoys the finer things in life, you’re typically possessive of both your material wealth and your relationships, says YourTango. These two are your fuel, so you’ll do everything in your power to keep them. Unfortunately, that also means you tend to stay in toxic situations or circumstances that no longer serve you, whether that’s overstaying a relationship that run its course or declining an exciting job offer with great potential for growth in favor of steady income.


It comes as a surprise to no one that you instinctively check yourself out on every reflective surface available, Taurus! As a Venusian sign, your appearance is your pride and joy, so you never hesitate to grab an opportunity to pamper yourself and make sure you look your best, says AstroStyle. Still, no one likes a show-off, especially if you’re always trying to one-up everyone in the room.

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