Here's the kind of guy you fall for, according to your zodiac sign

Did you know that your astrological sign has a certain influence on your ideal type of man?

Kind of guy you fall for zodiac
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Kind of guy you fall for zodiac

Astrological signs are part of astrology, a belief which suggests that the position and movement of celestial objects can influence the life and character of individuals. Astrology divides the sky into 12 equal sections, called houses, each associated with one of the zodiac signs.

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Each zodiac sign is associated with specific characteristics, personality traits, elements (fire, earth, air, water) and planets. Astrology is often used to provide horoscopes, love compatibility advice and other predictions based on planetary positions at the time of birth.

Every woman has their own desires, needs, expectations or tastes and this will lead them to a very specific category of men. So, depending on your astrological sign, what type of man are you most likely to fall for? The comedian, the romantic, the dreamy artist or the charismatic? We tell you everything


A creative, intelligent man. You want someone who adds creativity to your life, but without competing with you. Because with a Leo, there's only one star that can shine, and that's you!


The one who will give you emotional stability. The sensitive soul in you dreams of a strong man who will understand your emotions. Party animals aren't for you. You prefer a man who will spend time at home.


Someone charismatic and adventurous. It's very simple: you fall for men who are as wild and independent as you are.


A determined and passionate man. Stubborn and determined, you'll fall for a man who is too. But be careful with your horns. If neither of you compromises, confrontations will await you.


A man of curiosity and mystery. To please an Aquarian woman, you have to pique her curiosity. But you also have to be independent and self-confident.


A kind and attractive man. You're looking for someone with a big heart, just like you. However, this type of man demands all your attention and energy, and that's not always possible. So be clear with him right from the start.


A confident and charming man. But make sure he doesn't drain all your energy on a daily basis.


Someone with an open mind.Your adventurous heart falls for an intelligent, open-minded man. He'll be your best adventure companion.


A creative and pragmatic man. The great dreamer that you are, rigidity drives you away. The type of man who makes you fall in love with him will have to understand your creativity and offer you stability.


A tragedy actor. You always want to support the person you love. But be careful you don't become their personal assistant, because you deserve attention too.


Someone who will be there for you. Your ideal man will know how to handle your bad mood.


A loyal and affectionate man. You can't resist a loyal man who can support you. He'll have to be affectionate enough to break through your shell.


An intrepid artist. A confident man who can manage your free spirit, attracts you.

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This is the type of girlfriend you are according to your zodiac sign This is the type of girlfriend you are according to your zodiac sign