Leo: All you need to know about this zodiac's character, dates and compatibility

Known for their fieriness, energy and optimism, Leo is a singular zodiac sign. We tell you all about their character, their dates and their compatibilities!

Leo zodiac: All you need to know about its character, dates and compatibility!
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Leo zodiac: All you need to know about its character, dates and compatibility!

This fire sign is noticed for its ardour, its temperament, its dominating side but also its ambition, its courage and its generosity. A strong character that can't please everyone! Whether you're a Leo or you're looking to decipher the personality of one of your loved ones or potential crush, here's everything you need to know about this zodiac sign!

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What is the sign of Leo?

In tropical astrology, this is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. This is a fire sign, just like Aries and Sagittarius. It comes just after the sign of Cancer and before the sign of Virgo.

Leo, with their sometimes authoritarian, loyal and courageoustemperament, is a truly passionate person who has difficulty framing their ambition. Leo, who is easily inflamed, is not so far from their counterpart who reigns in the savannah as they have a leadership position.

Their planet is the Sun (no less) and their polar opposite sign on the Zodiac wheel (but not necessarily in terms of compatibility) is Aquarius.

The dates of the sign of Leo

Like all the other signs of the zodiac, the sign of Leo concerns all people born on specific dates. These dates correspond to a gap of 30° on the ecliptic plane (determined according to the rotation of the sun from the Earth's point of view) from the vernal point, the 0 points being the sign of Aries to Pisces, the last of this wheel of the zodiac. The sign of Leo thus corresponds to an angle of 120° to 150°.

To know if you belong to the sign of Leo, it is enough to know the dates of each sign and your date of birth to see which sign was in honour when you came into the world.

Leos are all those born in the middle of summer, between July 23rd and August 22nd, regardless of the year. In Chinese astrology, the year of birth is used to determine which sign you belong to.

In order to clarify your natal chart without being an astrologer, you need to know your ascendant, your lunar sign and also your decan. The latter corresponds to 10° within the period of the sign of Leo. There are therefore 3 decans for Leo which are delimited by the following dates:

  • 1st decan of the sign of Leo: from July 23rd to August 1st
  • 2nd decan of the sign of Leo: from August 2nd to August 12th
  • 3rd decan of the sign of Leo: from August 13th to August 22nd.

Belonging to each of these three decans can have consequences on our character traits or allow us to interpret a little more precisely the position of the stars and their influence on our state of mind.

Those of the first decan would be serious and ambitious, those of the second decan would be rather proud and optimistic while the people belonging to the third decan would be rather impulsive and audacious.

The character of Leo, its defects and its qualities

It's impossible to miss a Leo! This optimistic, courageous and dynamic person is noticed for their energy and their natural aura. They love to lead and can sometimes impose their authority.

A bit narcissistic and extravagant, he likes to be the centre of attention and feel like a rock star. His thirst for power and his self-confidence sometimes make him arrogant.

They are often recognized for their courage, great generosity and unfailing fidelity, especially in relationships. they can also have an eccentric side. In short, it is a sign that takes up space and that one inevitably notices!

This ambition without limit often benefits from a morale of steel, a remarkable physical and mental strength associated with a big heart and an optimism characteristic of this sign.

Sociable, the Lion benefits from an aura which facilitates its social relations. In love, they can be very romantic and seductive. They need to keep the flame alive on a regular basis in order not to get bored.

When Leo is in the ascendant, it is synonymous with ambition, creativity and charisma!

Which signs are Leo most compatible with?

If Leo can be a strong personality, they will find his happiness whether it is friendly, in love or professional with certain characters, more than others.

Astrologers have determined that Leo is more likely to get along with Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aries, signs from the same element.

The perfect match would be with the sign of Sagittarius, who can be as crazy as Leo, very dynamic and passionate. It's impossible to get bored with these two. Their respective energy will allow them to be always active and driven by each other.

They can also get along with a native of the sign of Librawho will know how to channel them while fanning the flame he needs to blossom in a love relationship. They will also certainly find their account with a Gemini.


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Leo Incompatibilities

If Leo can find perfect harmony with certain signs, with others it is more complicated. Aspirations and characters seem to be simply incompatible with some signs and can make these combinations of signs complicated to live with on a daily basis as it is the misunderstanding that reigns.

Leo will certainly have difficulties getting along with a Cancer or a Virgo whom they could quickly get bored with.

With Taurus, it can be complicated too. Leo will find it difficult to accept the stubborn side of this sign. With Scorpio, it is rather his provocative and manipulativeside that he will not be able to support.

It can be complicated with Pisces or Capricorn, whose self-effacing and sensitive side Leo will not be able to understand.

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