The dark side of the zodiac sign Libra

While Libras are free-spirited personalities who strive for tranquillity in all aspects of their life, they also have a dark side to them.

The dark side of the zodiac sign Libra
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The dark side of the zodiac sign Libra

There’s good in bad and bad in good and that is also true for people’s characteristics. Most Libras value beauty and love in everything around them. However, some of them still have certain qualities in them that can be termed negative or even harmful at times. Here are three traits of the zodiac sign Libra that often builds up their dark side, confirms YourTango.

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Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and thus, is awfully fixated on beauty and beautiful things. This fixation can become an obsession at times which makes them dismiss anything that is not beautiful. What’s worse is this behaviour is not just limited to things but people as well. Becoming someone who judges a book by its cover, they tend to avoid people who don’t fit their beauty standards.

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As a zodiac sign that values balance the most, they find it hard to make universally peaceful decisions. Meaning, they would often spend days or weeks thinking about the perfect outcome, answer or solution to a problem or situation but would still not be able to decide which decision would bring balance and peace to them. This habit of going back and forth on their decision is frustrating for people around them and often scary because they may back out of anything at any time.

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If Monica from friends was a Zodiac sign, she would be a Libra. Libras want everything to be tranquil and balanced and, in an effort to do so, they get controlling about every possible thing in life. They have no qualms in asserting their ‘correct’ views on how to resolve anything. They are also known to get furious if people don't follow what they say. And that’s when they use their charm to manipulate events so that they get their way.

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