The 3 most guarded zodiac signs

Everyone has their own reasons for being guarded. Still, sometimes it could be your intrinsic to be guarded and it could be because of their zodiac sign.

The 3 most guarded zodiac signs
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The 3 most guarded zodiac signs

When we regard someone as being guarded, we basically mean that they are careful not to show their feelings or give away information easily. Thus, it makes them really hard to get to know. It’s not like they wouldn’t make conversation, they absolutely would but it won’t be on a deep or intellectual level. Everyone we meet or know comes from different walks of life and so they would have their own reason for being guarded, however, it could be their zodiac sign as well. Bustle reports these three zodiac signs are the most guarded.

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To get a Capricorn’s guard down, you really have to work hard for it. They just don’t randomly open up to everyone they meet. Capricorns suck at asking for help. No, they’re not too domineering but it’s because they feel that no one can help them. They are very hardworking and ambitious and would rather get things done themselves. However, they do not mind help from others. If you want them to let their guard down, you need to provide them with emotional support and comfort so they can do it readily.


Like Capricorns, Virgos have a hard time opening up to people as well. They are the ultimate perfectionists and their proper way of doing anything is to do it themselves. If you want them to let their guard down around you, you’ll have to prove your worth and show them they can trust you. Alternatively, you can let them know their advice helped you in some way and they’ll probably end up sharing more with you.

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Out of all the zodiac signs, Scorpios might be the most guarded of them all. They always have an intense and dark side or energy to them. Because of this, they tend to think that everyone has ulterior motives behind getting to know them. Since their chain of thoughts is often dark, they believe people have the same perception too. Thus, when they stay guarded, they’re really just hiding them from themselves. If you want them to let their guard down, you’ll have to show them loyalty.

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