These 3 zodiac signs make the worst friends

There are great friends and there are bad friends but there are some friends who make the worst of friends and can give you scars for a lifetime.

These 3 zodiac signs make the worst friends
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These 3 zodiac signs make the worst friends

Maintaining friendships is challenging. A good friend is someone who will be there for you always and guide you through life. While some friendships last a lifetime, others end after a certain point, for any to ever reason. Making a friendship work and last for a long time requires a lot of time, effort, and hard work. Some people can manage their friendships easily, but others find it difficult to do so and frequently lose their relationships. YourTango talks about these 3 zodiac signs who make the worst of friends.

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Aquarians are way too much into themselves so they rarely have the time to give to others. They are the selfish kind of friends who don’t care much about others and would definitely throw you or anyone else under the bus to save their asses. You will be shocked by how cold they can be in friendship; your Aquarian friend will sacrifice, disregard, discard, and make fun of you. Not worth it even for a little moment.


Geminis are notorious and famous for having two sides. Friendship is one of the significant areas where this quality seems to shine. While they value friendships, one side of them is always sceptical and somewhat negative about friendships. This zodiac sign is born with trust issues and finds it hard to believe people who make life-long friendship promises. They rarely stick around long enough to make real relations or friendships.

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Libras make extremely disloyal friends. They don’t consider anyone else at their level and they honour only themselves. For them, the concept of friendships is too cool for this air sign. They enjoy the idea of two individuals having something in common, but in reality, friendships are not for them. Being friends with a Libra is just waiting to see when they would eventually turn on you in their friendship.

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