4 zodiac signs with the dirtiest mind

Thinking about sex is normal and everyone does it, but having a dirty mind is a trait only a few people have. Here are the zodiac signs that top the charts.

4 zodiac signs with the dirtiest mind
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4 zodiac signs with the dirtiest mind

Every human thinks about sex, but how they think about sex differs for everyone. Usually, sexual fantasies are private and secret thoughts that people may share with their lovers or best friends, even. However, people with dirty minds ace the game of sexual fantasies that cannot be shared with anyone. YourTango looks at four such zodiac signs who have the dirtiest minds.

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Sex is a power game for Aries. Thus, it’s not surprising that all their sexual fantasies portray them as the dominating ones. They are always thinking about ways to bring more dynamics to their sex lives. And while their mind is heavily sex-oriented, they can put a pause on their thought just as easily and have fun with it as well.

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Leos are a freak in the bedroom. They often think about being dominated or worshipped by their partner (or anyone they like) and this can consume most of their thoughts during the day. They need someone who is strong and can take them for a ride. As such, they spend most of their time dreaming about this person.


Virgos have a dirtier mind than most other zodiac signs, however, no one ever assumes that a shy birdie like Virgo can even have dirty thoughts. The unpredictability of their thoughts adds all the more to this hidden side of the zodiac signs. They would try every new trick in the book but the catch is that they can only do it with someone they trust and are comfortable with.

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We all expected them to be here, didn’t we? This zodiac sign is straight out of the top zodiac signs when it comes to having a dirty mind. Endless dirty thoughts about sex are just a part of their personality. They are proud of their thoughts and can descriptively share them with people if they want to.

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