These zodiac signs overthink the most

Some people really don’t care that much even about the important things in life, while these zodiac signs tend to overthink everything.

These zodiac signs overthink the most
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These zodiac signs overthink the most

Carefully analysing situations before stepping into them is one thing, but obsessing over every tiny little detail and ‘what ifs’ can actually be exhausting. While some people have a hard time focusing on or caring about things, we all know someone who has a mind that cannot stop overthinking even if they want to rest. YourTango claims, it could be because of the traits of a person’s zodiac sign that they overthink so much.

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Capricorns want everything that is the best. So if they intend to do something in life, it comes with a lot of overthinking. They would probably have a plan in place for every possible scenario and consider every variable that could affect a situation. They would focus on the smallest of details and even if the tiniest of things go wrong, they will start overthinking. This zodiac sign makes more plans than anyone else rather than just risking it in life.

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Aquarians are the most visionary and creative thinkers, confirms Bustle. They are always looking for new ways to come up with ideas that can solve their problems. This air sign is concept-driven and mentally focused. They constantly think about what would happen next and can often get lost in the loop of their own thoughts. Since this zodiac sign is a creative overthinker, they would have the most unique thoughts.


Ruled by the planet mercury – the planet of communication – Geminis have a lot of thoughts in their mind all the time. They have a tendency to overthink the most random things in the world and even engage others with their thoughts. This zodiac sign doesn’t only think about what’s about to come, but they also overthink the past and the present equally. They also have a habit of making things more complicated than they are or should be.

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Virgos want everything to be perfect and so they are hyper-focused on every little detail of every situation. It is as exhausting as it sounds. This earth sign has the capability to overthink things to an extent that they almost always lose the sense of time and space doing it. They are the most organised zodiac sign of astrology, so they tend to want things in the same way in life as well.

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