The grumpiest zodiac signs

No one is happy all the time, but these zodiac signs are definitely a little more on the edge than others. Here are the grumpiest zodiac signs.

The grumpiest zodiac signs
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The grumpiest zodiac signs

All of us know at least one person who cannot be happy for more than five minutes. They would somehow or the other find something to be grumpy about. However, if you don’t know someone like that, YOU could be that person for people. If you are easily irritated or find yourself in situations where you’re cranky, it could be that you’re the grumpiest person in the room. Nevertheless, these are zodiac signs who are always the grumpiest.

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Capricorn always wants to be the best and do the best. So, when they see things are not in their best phase or face, they tend to get grumpy. And when they are grumpy, even the slightest of things puts them off – we’re talking change in room temperature to the buzzing sound of a bee, everything can add more to their grumpiness. All they need is a little self-care to get out of the bad mood.

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Aquarius would get grumpy when they feel like they’re not seen, understood or heard. They like to be the smartest person in the room, confirms YourTango. So, if no one appreciates them, they would be grumpy like a little kid who is denied a toy. They want everyone else to behave how they want them to behave and also agree with them.


Little things matter to Pisces and also significantly affect them. They can get either extremely annoyed or happy easily. As such, they can be found in a grumpy mood most of the time when things don’t go according to their way. They over-feel things to an extent that it affects people around them too.

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Scorpio is an impatient zodiac sign who can easily see where and how things can get better. They are too sensitive and hide their emotions behind their grumpiness. If they have been going through something emotional in their life, they will appear to be more grumpy than usual.

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