These zodiac signs are terrible at relationships

Making a relationship work requires a special skill that not everyone has. Here are the signs who are the most terrible at relationships.

These zodiac signs are terrible at relationships
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These zodiac signs are terrible at relationships

We all have friends and family members who cannot make a relationship work for the life of them. At times, even we can be this person, but have you ever wondered why? Well, it could be because of our zodiac signs, claims YourTango. Some zodiac signs have built-in qualities that can sabotage a relationship. Here are the signs who are terrible at relationships:

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This water sign loves the idea of love but is terribly bad at relationships. They get into their own heads and create problems that aren’t even there. A Pisces is capable of successfully starting a cycle of self-sabotage that usually destroys all their relationships. They are people who would play the on-again-off-again relationship games too well. At times, their trust issues get the better of them, which causes problems in their relationship.

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Aries have a temper they cannot control and will throw tantrums at anyone around them. They want things to be their way or the highway, no in-between. This zodiac sign often gets lost in the heat of the moment and behaves like absolute brats. Being the impulsive kind that they are, they don’t have any filter and would say horrible things to their partner without even realising.


Talking to a wall and convincing a Taurus after they’ve made their decision are both tasks that people give up on. They are extremely stubborn and would not compromise, even for the sake of their relationship or their partner. They would simply ask you to leave if you don’t like anything they say or do. Additionally, they never think that they’re wrong or can do anything wrong.

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Dating a Sagittarius feels like that movie where the teaser looked amazing but the actual movie is bad, like bad bad. This zodiac sign takes the first exit at the slightest inconvenience and values its freedom and independence more than the other person. They would also randomly get bored of the person they’re dating and hop on to a new one, even before you know it.

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