Sexting for beginners: How to take your sexts to the next level

We've got the tips to take your sexting to the next level. Here's everything you need to know!

How to improve your sext life
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How to improve your sext life

Fun, flirty, and sometimes filthy, sexting is foreplay that can last all day. Not only does it create a great sense of communication between you and your partner, but with lusty thoughts on both of your minds all day, sexting taps into the passion of new relationship energy, helping to add some anticipation and adventure back into your dynamic.

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Looking to take your sexting to the next level? We've got the tips for you!

1. Slow it down

So you've just taken a steamy nude. What next? Although it might be tempting to share the photo with your partner immediately, this might be jumping the gun. Effective sexting is all about the buildup. It is better to start with a simple yet subtly flirty message like 'thinking of you' or teasing selfie, as this allows your partner the space to consent to having a sexy conversation. Carry on messaging, but only increase the intensity of your sexts gradually, building the sense of anticipation and desire. Think of sexting like foreplay: the good stuff last for hours!

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2. Angles are key

When it does become time to send a sexy photo, planning ahead is the key to success. It is up to you to decide how provocative you want to make the pictures. Full frontal nudity isn't necessarily sexier than an artful nude that teases as much as it reveals, so try and think about the position of your body and the angle of the camera. Start by focuses on your body's erogenous zones, like the neck, lips, chest, pelvic area before trying out some more advanced angles. From above accentuates breasts, from behind and below will make seem like your booty is pressed into your partner's face, or try portrait mode for the half in focus/half blurred artistic dick-pic of your dreams.

3. Play with vocals

No this doesn't mean call them! That would be phone sex! But you can try playing around with the voice memo feature on your phone. Although putting on and recording yourself using a sexy voice might sound more amusing than it does arousing, why not try recording your reaction to reading your partner's steamy messages? A little heavy breathing and gentle moans will go a long way in amping up your partner's lust level!

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