Why you absolutely need to try the pillow sex trick next time you're getting freaky

On TikTok, a sex education influencer gave a little tip involving the use of a pillow during sex.

Pillow sex trick
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Pillow sex trick

TikTok, like the Internet in general, puts forward the worst and the best of humanity. Although the network is most known for relaying viral dangerous challenges, the platform also regularly allows experts to share their knowledge with the public. Recently, an influencer specialising in sex education gave a tip that aroused the curiosity of her community.

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Sex education

On TikTok, the account @sassyrededu2 is full of videos with valuable advice. It is headed by a sex educator, who goes by the name Sassy Red, who has set herself the goal of 'creating an earth full of people who love each other in conscious love.'

Through her videos, she talks openly about sexuality to her community. She hopes to allow as many people as possible to find answers to certain questions related to sex that are often considered taboo.

Most of her videos are usually viewed hundreds of thousands of times, but one of her latest posts broke all records.


Reply to @bebmac for everyone… The more pillows the better. You can even do it face down 🍯 #sassyrededu#fypシ#ccw play

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The magic pillow

Lasting only ten seconds, the video advises to use a pillow during sex, in order to raise the small pelvis of one of the partners, to facilitate penetration and to stimulate certain sensitive areas more strongly.

Viewed almost 12 million times at the time of writing, the advice has aroused the curiosity of Internet users. Some of the comments under the video include:

I'm going to tell my boyfriend about it.
I'll let you know if it works.

Others are surprised to see that not everyone knows the tip:

I'm surprised that people don't know this tip.
I've been doing this for a while.

So does this trick work? The answer is... yes and no. When it comes to sex, there are as many possible tips as there are theoretical combinations of partners. There is no such thing as a miracle trick, but from the many testimonials we have heard, the pillow trick seems to work. This is enough to give the most curious ideas for experimentation.

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