How using a pillow could revolutionise your sex life

Are you wanting to use your bed and pillows to spice up your sex life? A ‘sex pillow’ might be the answer!

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Could this be the end of sex toys, handcuffs, and other ‘naughty’ games? With the use of a ‘sex pillow,’ the way you experience your sexuality is sure to change. No more need for sex accessories or reading the Kama sutra at length to get maximum pleasure!

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What is a ‘sex pillow?’

Before understanding how to awaken your libido with a pillow, it is important to know what a ‘sex pillow’ is. As the name suggests, this practice consists of using a soft cushion or a comfortable pillow to spice up your sex life. Thanks to this technique, your pillow will go from putting you to sleep to putting you in the arms of your lover!

How to use a ‘sex pillow?’

The technique is simple: position the pillow under your pelvis, lumbar region, chest, or under the legs. Sex therapist Debra Laino in Women's Health says:

If you place your pillow under your buttocks and thighs to elevate them, you'll get deeper penetration when your partner is on top of you, or in front of you,

Taking the concept further

While your pillow or cushion can give you greater sensations during sex, you can also take it up a notch, because erotic cushions also exist! More specifically, there is a cushion made by the Liberator brand which allows you to place a sex toy in a hole, to play alone or with a partner!

So, are you ready for something new?

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